My Life or Your Memory

While I am considering where to go and what to do I have been writing like there was no tomorrow.

In 9 days I have written 56 chapters, something I have never ever done before, a speed I did not even think was possible.

Most of these chapters were not for Condemning the Heavens but for a new story I have begun called My Life or Your Memory.

It is very different from my usual stories – it is not a cultivation story.

When I know where I am going, I will be republishing all my books, which includes 3 side stories for Blue Phoenix, 3 side stories for Overthrowing Fate, all written chapters for Condemning the Heavens and my new series My Life or Your Memory.

My release schedule will be a minimum of 1 a day of CtH, and 1 a day of MLoYM – something that I am going to keep, as I have been stockpiling quite a lot of chapters recently.

Enjoy a teaser picture, that is a WIP of the cover for Falling Flowers – the first book in the MLoYM series. I will update with the summary and more information later.

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