Future Path for my Novels!

Hello everyone!

I am aware that it is some time since you last heard from me about my future path, I was quite busy with writing my stories so that I had a stockpile, and it has been quite a difficult decision to figure out where I am going in the future.

When I began writing Blue Phoenix, I did so because I had an urge to write, and I thought it was immensely fun. I never expected that it would bring me to where I am today, where I have become a full-time author.

As a full-time author, I have different responsibilities, I must push out chapters at a steady pace, and at the same time write quality stories.

The last half year, things have not been going according to my plan, partly because I have been sick, but also because I have been conflicted with my future path for writing.

I am so grateful to Wuxiaworld for taking me in when they did, they provided me with a platform and gave me a home, however, I felt that it was never quite a place for original content.

I have been unsure about what to do for a long time, and I finally took the jump, decided to leave Wuxiaworld, well aware that this might cause me to lose quite a few readers, especially since the leave was right as I had been unstable with releases for half a year.

However, now that I am back, and have a substantial stockpile of chapters and an editor who edits in time for the releases, I felt it would be the best time to find a new home, the best time to begin anew.

This brings me to where and when I will be publishing my stories next.

I know that many will be indignant and even very disappointed in me, however, I have to go to a place where original novels are given a lot of attention.

So, my new home will be Inkstone on Webnovel.com.

I plan on rereleasing all my stories there and I will begin releasing the 5th of May.

I will release as following:

50 chapters of Blue Phoenix on the 5th of May, 5 chapters a day following until 790 chapters + 18 chapters side stories has been released.

25 chapters of Overthrowing Fate on the 5th of May, 3 chapters a day following, until 153 chapters + 11 chapters side stories has been released.

25 chapters of Condemning the Heavens on the 5th of May, 5 chapters a day following, until I reach chapter 300 after which I will cut down to 1 a day.

20 chapters of My Life or Your Memory on the 5th of May, 1 chapter a day after this.

All my current and future books will be available on Amazon in the future as they are now.

Those who wish to follow my novels, I hope you will enjoy them.

Those who will not follow, thank you so much for your support up until now. I am forever thankful for your support throughout the years.

Kind regards

19 thoughts on “Future Path for my Novels!”

    1. Agreed, that means we’re going to have to wait 2 months until your releases get caught up to where you were already just for Condemning the Heavens. All so they can charge spirit stones for each chapter that was already available at one point for free. That’s really disappointing, well I guess I’m going to drop this for now. Best of luck, going to Qidian you’re gonna need it.


      1. Hello
        I can understand your worry.
        Thank you for wishing me luck, and thank you for having read up until now.
        I am not likely to go Premium as I am selling my books on Amazon, and cannot be exclusive to Webnovel.


  1. So condemning the heavens readers will have to wait for you to republish all of them all over again? Weren’t you on chapter 600 ish if I recall?


      1. I can understand that there is some worry about me republishing from chapter 1 instead of just continuing where I left off on Wuxiaworld, there are different reasons for me to do this.

        1 – I would like as long as possible to make a stockpile so that I can guarantee a chapter a day. I don’t want to experience another situation where I could not release steadily for a long time.

        2 – My editor is quite busy recently, and has not been able to edit much. This will delay my releases so it is better to do it this way.

        3 – all my books are currently being reformatted for Amazon. This is something I spend a lot of time and effort on, so instead of just rushing the releases, I have taken this time to actually focus on rectifying the formatting on my current books on Amazon.

        I hope you can understand my reasons, but if you feel that it is too upsetting, then I would like the at least thank you for reading up until now


  2. I had not read any original novel at wuxiaworld ( I don’t know why but I only read TL’d novel at WW) but I do read original novels at webnovel ( may be because of their app )

    There are many good originals at WN and I read 4 of them at present.

    For me It’s good to see the novel there.

    Thanks for this Amazing Novel to bring at WN.


  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re not going premium on Webnovel, and I’ll definitely keep reading your books there. I’ve been following for years, since you were on Gravity Tales, and it’d be a shame to stop now!! 😀


  4. Just sad that at that release rate there won’t be a new chapter of Condemning the Heavens to read until June 27th. That is a very long wait for those of us who have been reading since the start. If this wasn’t after you went months with shaky releases it would be but a small wait.


  5. Wow – Qidian? That’s…. well, let’s just say that staying on Wuxiaworld would have been better in my opinion. Qidian’s slave contract will bind you in no time. You won’t be selling on amazon, because they won’t allow it and they will make you go premium on webnovel.
    There is not a single story on webnovel that’s not premium. Only the first 100-some chapters are free. Every novel is premium on qidian.
    They will not let you decide it and once you’ve signed the contract (have you read all the little details?) your stories become their stories. They even maintain the right to continue your stories without you.

    Good luck.


    1. Hello

      As I answered another reader I am not very likely to go premium as I won’t stop releasing on amazon.

      I understand the worries about Webnovel, and I have had many things into consideration before I decided on their site.


  6. I’ve been a WuxiaWorld fan since they took A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality over from Gravity Tales. Although I’ve not yet read your story, it is still high on my list of must-read stories.

    And like mentioned in previous comments, I too hope you keep your stories available for everyone who does not climb the paywall. Regardless, it’s your work. I hope you can find what you look for at the new home for your stories. In the near future I shall read your story wherever it is. I wish you the best.


  7. I read regularly on both ww and Webnovel i do hope it stays free. However when I look you up on Webnovel I don’t even see you at all! I hope for speed releases and you enjoy your new home.


  8. Thank you for explaining everything here, it all makes sense now. I look forward reading more of your stuff! how awesome to see it in WN but why make this site then? i thought ya where gonna upload only here when i saw this site haha


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