Posting on Webnovel Now


I was originally planning on waiting until the 5th of May with releasing my novels on Webnovel, but things got suddenly messed up.

I am moving soon, and I was just informed that I will be getting the keys the 5th of May, so it would collide with the releasing of chapters. 

Because of this, I have decided to move it forward, and began posting today. 

If you can, please go to the website and leave an honest review for my stories, so that we can reach even more readers. 

The offer with Patreon will stay on until the 5th of may, so anyone who signs up before the 5th of may will have access to my google drive folders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


5 thoughts on “Posting on Webnovel Now”

  1. Tbh if you hadn’t removed the already published stuff I would have followed… but the way you did things was terrible and for that I’d rather not read the end than support you… you took all chapters off ww and are now uploading in batches behind a pay-to-read site… hope it’s worth it.


    1. As I have told everyone before you, I am not going to be a pay-to-read on this new site.
      The reason I am uploading in batches now is because I am trying to build a stockpile so that I can have a steady release rate in the future.
      But thank you for having supported me up until now, I am grateful that you read up until now.

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  2. I hate the webnovel site. I wish you didnt go there, but seeing as you have said you won’t be pay-to-read i’ll continue with supporting you(for the small time I have been). I was just starting to read Condemning the Heavens and you pulled them down. 😭 Please continue releasing Condemning the Heavens batches so I can catch up lol. (Release as much as you can, whenever you can ofc).


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