Money-Grubbing Lover

I have now been writing romance novels for a short while. I started releasing My Life or Your Memory on the 5th of May, and has now published 114 chapters to date. I have quite a big stockpile for the story, and has begun planning for my next romance novel that I will be writing when My Life or Your Memory is over.

The new story is called Money-Grubbing Lover and will be a bit more plot focused than My Life or Your Memory. It will also be quite a bit longer.

The summary has been finished, and I have commissioned some art. At the same time I have also begun writing it whenever I have spare time, which does not happen often, but it does happen sometimes.

Here is the summary to the novel, I hope you will give it a read:
She was an impoverished tomboy who always ended up in the midsts of a fight. Living her life on the edge, she never flinched nor knew what the words giving up meant.

Although life was hard, her pure and bright personality never suffered. However, her only weak point was quickly grasped by the notorious and feared CEO Xie Jingyu, who not only owned a business empire but according to rumors also had a lot of secret businesses in his hands.

After saving the tycoon’s life, she only had one request – money! Unfortunately, Xie Jingyu was not willing to let go of her just yet, and he pursued her with a relentlessness that made her breathless, a shamelessness that made her blush.

Unable to get away from the overwhelming CEO, her only option was to counterattack, playing a game of cat and mouse, never giving in, never surrendering, but never wholly rejecting either.

Could this money-grubbing woman turn into a lover, or would she manage to escape the net cast out by the king of underhanded deals?

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