I have decided to spread my novels to other sites too. Since I am selling books on Amazon, I am unable to sign a contract with Webnovel, and thus my only option is to try and get as big a readerbase as possible elsewhere.

This means that over the next few days you will find that I am going to start joining other sites as well, not only Tapas, but also other sites that specializes in webnovels. I will be giving heads up about which novels will be available where. 

So if it is a long time since you last read Overthrowing Fate or the other novels, now you have a reason to reread them.

You can find the link to Tapas here 

2 Comments on “Tapas

  1. I was reading Blue Phoenix on RR and had made it to chapter 66. Now it is gone. Where may I find it again please?


    • I was planning on using Webnovel / RoyalRoad to release my stories, but I have to admit that the competition is too fierce. Writing is not only a hobby for me, but also my job, and I found that it is impossible for me to stand out on those sites. There will be an announcement later, but I will be going Kindle Unlimited in the future with some of my novels, including Blue Phoenix.


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