Blue Phoenix on Kindle Unlimited

I had planned on moving all my novels onto Webnovel and continue as I had been doing so far with releasing as a webnovel and selling my books on Amazon afterward.

However, after joining Webnovel, things has not been exactly as I had expected. My cultivation novels are not doing as well as I thought they would, and as a result I have decided to slowly transition some of my series onto Kindle Unlimited.

This transition is started with Blue Phoenix which went on KU this morning.

This means, that to be able to read Blue Phoenix in the future, you need to have the Kindle Unlimited membership, or you need to purchase the books.

I understand that this is less than ideal for those who still has not read the book, however this is how things are. I need to be able to provide for my daughter after all.

Thank you for your understanding and patience


One Comment on “Blue Phoenix on Kindle Unlimited

  1. Dang that sucks. I hope you are successful. Careful though, I’ve lost trust on Amazon ever since WW said they stole money from them or something


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