MLoYM Chapter 25 – Young Master is Nervous

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The secretaries kept greeting Han Qingshan, but none of them said anything to Jiang Yingyue. They were not sure of how to refer to her, or what her purpose here was. So she was being glanced at by all the secretaries, yet none of them were speaking.

Although she did not care, she could instantly feel that she was like a monkey in a zoo.

In truth, she felt completely aware of the fact that she did not belong in such a renowned company. She even looked slightly uncultured as she continued to look at everything around her, but she was not usually this uncultured. This was all new to her, so she was curious about everything around her, and she was the kind of person who would act on her impulses. She was honest and straightforward. 

Han Qingshan went towards the office at the back of the floor, and Jiang Yingyue followed behind. 

Every secretary was watching on with great curiosity and were waiting for Han Qingshan to stop the youngster, tell her to wait outside for him, or in some way make it clear that she should no longer follow. This way, they would have a bigger chance at talking with this youngster, getting some information about her identity. 

While she was incredibly handsome, these secretaries knew that in this world beauty only went so far, one needed capabilities to succeed, and Han Qingshan was not one to be blinded by beauty, so what other capabilities or talents did this young woman have? 

Jiang Yingyue might not be rich or even belong to the middle class, but she was rather sharp when it came to understanding others, especially women, as she was one herself, and she understood the subtle changes in their behaviors. She understood their curiosity towards her, and she already felt a headache coming her way, about having to think up an explanation for them. She hoped Han Qingshan would deal with these secretaries for her. 

When the secretaries looked at Han Qingshan, they gazed with respect and reverence, yet when they looked at Jiang Yingyue, there was only curiosity and a certain degree of uncertainty. Although they tried their best to hide it, the emotions were clearly seen on their faces.

Jiang Yingyue could not help but shake her head and sigh. Society sure was cruel. Even these secretaries were uncertain about her background, so they didn’t dare to act out of bounds. Life was especially difficult for the middle and upper class where everything that mattered was the brands one put on their bodies and how much money they had in their accounts. 

This kind of world, where your friends would stab you in the back for their own profit, made Jiang Yingyue feel glad that she did not belong to this circle of people. 

“Dad should be waiting for us,” Han Qingshan said, and pushed the doors open into the office, not even knocking first, and then strode inside, followed by Jiang Yingyue. 

When the door closed behind them, murmurs erupted amongst the secretaries. “Who was that young man?” 

“He was so handsome, do you think he is a new talent from Imperial World?”

“Do you perhaps think that Young Master Shan likes men?”

“What are you talking about?! How can Young Master Shan like men?! It is obviously a newly found talent for Imperial World!” 

While the secretaries were busy gossiping amongst one another, Jiang Yingyue had followed Han Qingshan into the office. 

She tried to hide behind his rather large frame so that no one noticed her, but just as she slipped behind him, a large hand came from the front and grabbed her wrist, dragging her to his side. 

She shrunk into herself, but could not hold herself completely back, and she started peeking at the office they had entered. 

“Are you nervous?” Han Qingshan asked with amusement evident in his voice, and Jiang Yingyue nodded her head subconsciously before realizing that she had answered him. 

A chuckle escaped Han Qingshan’s lips, it came all the way up from his chest, and he could feel happiness seeping through his entire body, but he too was slightly nervous. He did not know why, he just really wanted his father to like this Jiang Yingyue. 

When she looked around the office, she found it was empty. She instantly calmed down, and her nervousness decreased tremendously. 

When she was no longer so nervous, she started looking at everything in the office. The office was very minimalistic. There was a sofa located against a wall, next to a door that led to some other room, but the door was closed so Jiang Yingyue, did not know what was behind it. 

In the middle was a massive mahogany desk and a black leather chair. There was a computer on the desk, a normal table phone for business calls, and many folders and reports were placed on the letter trays. 

There was also one picture on the desk, a picture of a very beautiful woman who seemed to be in her twenties, and next to her was a small boy. That unmistakably was Han Qingshan from when he was a child. 

The wall behind the desk had a large painting hanging on it. The painting was depicting a beautiful landscape of a road, that went through a field of flowers, and on the road was a beautiful young woman dressed in a red dress riding a bicycle. It was an incredibly tranquil and stunning painting.

The final wall consisted of floor to ceiling windows, allowing for one to overlook the other buildings, but Jiang Yingyue dared not move towards the windows out of fear. Although she did not have a fear of heights normally, this massive skyscraper was much taller than what she had expected. Just thinking about looking at the ant-like humans beneath was enough to make her feel dread. 

Han Qingshan seemed to sense her fear, but he did not bully her. Instead, he just took her over to the sofa. 

He was still holding her wrist, seemingly not having any intention of letting go. The skin was so soft and cool to the touch, it gave him a pleasant sensation, and he could not help but tighten his grip slightly. 

Jiang Yingyue was currently too focused on being in the actual office of CEO Han, to actually realize that she was being held by the wrist. 

Han Qingshan looked at the slim and long fingers. They were so pretty and pale, they seemed so perfect that he could think they were carved from jade, but a slight warmth was being emitted from them, so he knew that these perfect hands actually belonged to someone else. 

Just as both of them were deep in thought about their own thing, Jiang Yingyue about observing the office of CEO Han, and Han Qingshan about the hands of his good friend, the door suddenly opened and a man stepped through it. 

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