MLoYM Chapter 26 – Young Master’s Punishment

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“Oh Qingshan, you are here already,” he said, as he looked into the room and his eyes scanned over Han Qingshan and Jiang Yingyue. 

His eyes paused slightly at Han Qingshan’s hand that was grasping Jiang Yingyue’s wrist before his lips hooked up into a knowing smile, and his eyes landed on Jiang Yingyue’s face. 

The CEO was quite surprised when he saw that Jiang Yingyue was extraordinarily handsome, he made quite a good match with Han Qingshan, as they stood side by side. 

“Qingshan, I have some documents here for you,” his father said after returning his gaze to his son. “You have been doing well as the CEO of your own business recently, and I would like you to start slowly taking over the Han Corporation.”

Jiang Yingyue wondered if she was supposed to be present for such an important conversation. Currently, the only ones present were Jiang Yingyue, Han Qingshan, CEO Han, and CEO Han’s assistant. 

While the other three made good sense to be here, she was clearly an outsider, but they continued to speak as if it was no big deal.

“I have left most of the work with Imperial World to my assistant,” Han Qingshan said, as he sat down on the sofa, dragging Jiang Yingyue with him and pulling her onto the sofa as well. 

“I will not need to work on Imperial World for some time unless something unexpected happens.”

“I have forcibly taken over three companies in the industry and merged them with Imperial World, making it currently the biggest and most famous agency on the market.”

“But we cannot look down on the Su Corporation. They are used to being heavyweights and controlling everything in this industry, so to suddenly share their business with someone else they are far from pleased.”

“That is business,” CEO Han said, with a slight smile on his face, he had observed every tiny movement that Han Qingshan had been doing, and he found this young man known as Jiang Fengmian very pleasing to the eye, especially his clearly puzzled and slightly panicked expression that he had on the face right now.

Everyone within the office was talking about business, but they were also secretly observing Jiang Yingyue. The assistant of Han Qingshan’s father felt rather sorry for Jiang Yingyue. 

Being suddenly included in such important conversations, it was clearly not for most commoners; this was the battle of giants, something that she should never even hear about. 

But Jiang Yingyue was shocked when she heard that the elusive CEO of Imperial World was her newfound friend Han Qingshan. 

Imperial World was a business that had appeared three years ago in the entertainment industry. They appeared one day and started swallowing other businesses. They were aggressive and offered some incredibly favorable deals to the artists, so many jumped ship to join them. 

Many had thought that this was a business that would never last, but after three years it had become the leading agency within the entertainment industry, and it produced award-winning films, series, and artists in those three years. 

Han Qingshan had opened this business? That was quite amazing considering his tender age, and the fact that he was still in school. Wait, did this not mean that he was already a CEO, although he was a university student? 

Rich people were really different. Jiang Yingyue shook her head slightly and felt that he was working hard to earn the money he had. He was not just a wealthy scion that lived off of his family’s fortune. He was truly working for it. 

Seeing that there was no greed in the eyes of Jiang Yingyue, only enlightenment, CEO Han felt much more at ease with their relationship. In fact, he felt that this girl was different from the masses, and he started to approve of the friendship that Han Qingshan had forged with her. 

The assistant was also quite surprised to see that Jiang Yingyue was capable of being so casual in this situation. She had not caused any problems or situations and was just casually sitting on the sofa by Han Qingshan’s side, saying nothing, but looking at her friend with slight admiration in her eyes. 

Han Qingshan had not expected that his father would sell him out like this, telling Jiang Yingyue who was the real CEO of Imperial World, but he did not mind it. Just as Jiang Yingyue was honest to him, he would be honest towards her. 

“Stay here, I need to look at some papers,” Han Qingshan said to Jiang Yingyue, finally releasing her wrist before heading to the desk and picking up a document folder filled with reports.

“By the way, send a small punishment to the He family,” Han Qingshan suddenly said absentmindedly, while reading through the file in his hand.

“Have they done something wrong?” CEO Han did not seem to mind, in fact, he looked like someone who wanted to get some juicy gossip instead. 

“I ran into He Yuyan when I took Jiang Fengmian out for coffee. She created a scene and ran off crying. Later she took out her anger on Jiang Fengmian, getting him suspended from the university. I had already made my stance clear, and she still dared to touch my friend, how can I not dish out a small punishment?” Han Qingshan was getting annoyed just thinking about it, as he flipped through the document, and finally placed it on the table, picking up another file and read through it.

“Well, we were going to have a collaboration with the He family, but I will cancel it and give it to the Wang family instead. I will make sure to leave a message from you with it so that they know that their big missy is the cause behind the change.” CEO Han nodded his head when he heard what Han Qingshan said. 

He did not think that it was taking it too far. He Yuyan might not have caused much damage, but the fact was that she had completely ignored the face of Han Qingshan when she decided to act out, resulting in them being in their rights to dish out punishment. 

On the sidelines, Jiang Yingyue was watching the father and son pair being extremely shameless, their actions making her mouth remain open in surprise. Good thing she was their friend and not an enemy.

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