MLoYM Chapter 27 – He? More Like She

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Time ticked by slowly in the office. Jiang Yingyue knew that she should behave like a wallflower, and try not to listen too much on the conversation between the father and son pair, so she picked up her newly gifted phone and started playing with it. 

Seeing how happy Jiang Yingyue was with the phone, Han Qingshan could not help but smile slightly, before he once again buried himself in work. 

Jiang Yingyue found the school forum and looked at the different threads that had been opened.

She quickly found out that she had become a school celebrity. Half of the threads that had been started were about her and her suspension from the University, or about her getting a ride from Young Master Shan the day before. 

‘News flash! Teacher resigns after suspending Prince Fengmian!’ was currently the hottest new topic on the list, and when she clicked on it, she found it was about a tale of friendship between two guys, and how Han Qingshan had protected and gotten revenge for his good friend. 

Seeing that the entire forum was talking about her, she could only chuckle and feel that although she had never been low profile, she also never had people following her every move before. 

Oh well, she did not mind it though. The more unattainable she was, the safer she felt. And being friends with Han Qingshan was also quite an enjoyable experience. 

He protected her when she needed it, saved her when she felt hopeless. He was a bit forceful, but considering everything he had done for her, she could accept this slight flaw of his. 

Han Qingshan had a marker pen in his hands and highlighted over different proposals that he approved of, and after two hours, he finally got through every document that he had to read.

He was feeling slightly bad about having brought Jiang Yingyue to his father’s company because she had been neglected for a full two hours, but when he saw that she was quietly sitting on the sofa, playing with the phone in her hands, he was relieved. 

“You seem rushed,” CEO Han could not help but say with a smirk on his face, as he glanced towards Jiang Yingyue as if implying that Han Qingshan was hurried because he did not want his friend to wait any longer. 

“We have an appointment at the horse track,” Han Qingshan said, without really caring about being seen through. “That is the only reason I brought Jiang Fengmian here with me since it was on the way.”

“You are bringing him with you to the horse track? Beware that He Yuyan will also be there since she is a good friend of Zhu Guiying.” CEO Han gave a friendly reminder to Han Qingshan. 

“I know,” Han Qingshan nodded his head, his face slightly solemn whenever he thought about He Yuyan. She had truly overstepped his limits this time, and he was still rather sullen whenever he thought about her. 

Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue, who was still pretending to be a wallflower. She was completely focused on her phone, and did not notice what they were talking about, nor did she feel it had anything to do with her, so she stayed away from it all. 

Seeing her behavior, CEO Han had a very favorable impression of her. She did not try to interrupt them, nor did she complain about being left alone on a sofa for a full two hours, without even being offered tea or coffee. She did not rush Han Qingshan to hurry with finishing his work. She just sat there patiently and waited for him. 

“Let us get going,” Han Qingshan spoke out, after placing the final document on the table again, after having decided on a specific business proposal amongst five. 

CEO Han read through the files, after Han Qingshan had finished the selection, and nodded his head in approval. “The projects and proposals you have picked are the best amongst the ones available,” he praised his son, but Han Qingshan just snorted, and smiled self-assured. He already knew that he was very skilled as a businessman, but being praised in front of Jiang Yingyue was not a bad feeling.

After hearing Han Qingshan say that they should go, Jiang Yingyue locked up the phone and stood up, straightened her clothes, and flashed an enigmatic smile at her newfound friend. 

Seeing the interactions between the two people made CEO Han narrow his eyes, but the smile on his lips did not diminish. 

Seeing the weird smile on his father’s lips, Han Qingshan glared at him, went over and grabbed Jiang Yingyue’s wrist, and started tugging and dragging her out of the office. 

Jiang Yingyue bowed slightly, and barely managed to say, “Goodbye CEO Han,” before she was dragged out of the office, and past all the secretaries, towards the elevator. 

Seeing his son behave like this made CEO Han laugh out loud before he gestured for his assistant to leave him. 

When the door closed, he picked up his phone and started dialing a number. 

“My dear?” he asked when it connected, and soon after, the melodious and gentle voice of his wife sounded through the speaker of the phone. 

“Hello, hubby. Did you meet that friend of Qingshan’s? How is he? Was he a gold digger?” She asked curiously, shooting out a lot of questions at once, and she heard her husband chuckle slightly on the other end of the phone.

“He? Well ‘he’ is not a golddigger, but our son needs to get better at seeing through people. Although she dressed like a man and had wrapped up her chest, she was unmistakably a woman,” he explained, his words filled with amusement. 

“What!? You said he was a girl? How can that be?” The wife was shocked, but CEO Han just chuckled. “She was indeed a girl.”

“Did you tell Qingshan?”


“Do you plan on telling him?”

“No, he can figure it out on his own. It can be seen as good training for him to learn how to see through people. And it will be quite amusing to see him keep mistaking his friend’s gender.”

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