MLoYM Chapter 28 – Young Master said “Change Your Clothes!”

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“Tell me about her then, what was she like? How did you realize she is a woman?” The wife was quite curious about this friend of Han Qingshan. She had never seen him close to anyone before, so for him to suddenly claim to have a friend, it was quite surprising. 

“She is very good at masquerading as a guy, her mannerisms and appearance is spot on, but she can’t change her figure, so she is wearing loose clothes that don’t show off her curves.”

“Her hands are long and slender; you never see men with such fair hands, they were almost as beautiful as yours.”

“When I saw her hands, I had a nagging feeling that something was not right, and as I observed her, I noticed that she had no adam’s apple.”

“With hands so slender, so beautiful, and no adam’s apple, alongside her loose clothes, figuring it out is quite simple. But who would have thought that our dear son did not even look at it like that? He was even holding that slender hand without realizing the fact that her skin is far too smooth to be a man’s.”

“He held her hand?!” The beauty on the other side of the phone exclaimed in shock, her eyes widened in surprise when she heard what her husband had said. 

“He never touches anyone, and he keeps his distance from people both emotionally and physically. So what could this girl have done that broke through his barricaded heart?” The mother sounded too overwhelmed, but also happy. However, CEO Han just laughed slightly when he heard how his wife described his son. 

“Maybe he knows instinctively that it is a woman,” he suggested, but even he himself did not believe in it. 

“My little boy has been surrounded by the most outstanding beauties from the entertainment industry while working as the CEO of Imperial World. He never even glanced at them. Don’t tell me my son is gay!” The woman started panicking, but once again, her behavior just seemed endearing to CEO Han, who just chuckled and shook his head.

“He has also seen all the attractive men, but hasn’t ever shown interest in them before,” he calmed her down with his words, “and even if he was gay, this is a woman. She might be able to turn his sexuality around.”

“You’re right,” the woman was calm again, and then she began to think through everything that her husband had said. Heaving a heavy sigh of relief, she was filled with happiness thinking that her son might have found someone special to him. 

While CEO Han and his wife were busy talking about Jiang Yingyue and Han Qingshan, the two, who had no idea of what was happening in the office, were driving towards the horse track. 

“Have you ever ridden a horse before?” Han Qingshan asked curiously. He knew that Jiang Yingyue was from a commoner’s family, so riding a horse was something she was unlikely to have done, but who knew what she had done in those nine years before she suddenly appeared in the capital. 

“Never,” Jiang Yingyue was quite honest. She had always wanted to try horseback riding, but she just never had the opportunity or the funds to do so. 

“Oh okay,” Han Qingshan nodded his head, as he started wondering how to best teach Jiang Yingyue how to ride. He was suddenly worried that his good friend would be thrown off the back of the horse and get injured. Without realizing it, he was already starting to worry about every little thing. 

Jiang Yingyue said nothing else on the way towards the horse track. She was smiling slightly, really looking forward to trying out riding on a horse. 

The horse track was located just outside the city, so it took them quite a long time before they arrived, and when they finally reached their destination, it was already almost evening. 

They had already spent an hour and a half eating their lunch together, then they spent two hours at the office, and not to mention the long drive to the horse track, it was quite understandable that it was late. 

Multiple cars were parked in the parking lot, all of them were extremely expensive, and Jiang Yingyue recognized some of them from the day when she was almost run down by Han Qingshan.

She did not know why, but she was not too eager to see these young scions. Their attitude towards her that day was not too commendable. 

Still, for the sake of riding a horse, and because she was already here, Jiang Yingyue said nothing, even her expression remained unperturbed. 

Han Qingshan got down from the car, and Jiang Yingyue followed suit. They left the car and headed towards the stables. There were rustic tracks going through small patches of woods and fields. There were also fenced up tracks for riding on, even riding halls were on the location so that one could ride even when it was raining. 

When Jiang Yingyue looked around, she found that there was no one present, the only thing she could see were a few horses and attendants that were moving back and forth. 

“I guess that they have already started riding in the woods,” Han Qingshan said, but he did not sound very disappointed. 

Instead, he went to one of the attendants and spoke with him after pointing back at Jiang Yingyue with his hands. Jiang Yingyue could not hear what was being said, but moments after, the attendant left, making her slightly puzzled. 

“You cannot ride in those clothes,” Han Qingshan said. “I doubt you have any riding gear, so I had the attendant go and prepare it for you. Come with me to the changing rooms, there should be some clothes waiting for you.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yingyue’s eyes widened in surprise, and she felt uncomfortable. She could not change in front of Han Qingshan, that would be disastrous. But when she had been dragged to the changing room, she found that the rooms were individual, that they could lock the door, and that no one would see her change her clothes.

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