MLoYM Chapter 3 – Compensation

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Sensing that the others were in a rush to leave, Han Qingshan sighed deeply. They had been racing down the streets as usual, but who could have expected that something like this would happen? 

When he looked at the youngster he had just struck with his car, he felt rather guilty, mainly because he had seen how this person had thrown all caution to the wind to save a complete stranger. 

Han Qingshan was rather curious about this kind of person. He had grown up in a very loving family, but apart from his family members, everyone who got close to him did it because he was the heir to the Han Corporation and all their assets. 

He had always believed that no one would do something without some personal benefits unless they were family, but now he saw something that had shocked him and his view on this world. He could not help but be slightly curious about this strange person. 

But now was not the time for him to socialize with a person of unknown origins. He had promised his friends to go to the horse paddock with them, and many of them had brought their temporary lovers along. Even a few socialites would be present at the gathering. 

Sighing, he took out his wallet and started writing a check, which he then reached out to give to Jiang Yingyue. 

“I am sorry for running over you,” he said with a good-natured behavior. “I never expected for such a thing to happen. Here is a token of my apology. Please accept it, and please go to the hospital to get checked up.”

Jiang Yingyue, who had been ensuring that the young girl had not suffered any injuries or traumas from having nearly been run over and pushed onto the sidewalk, turned around to look at this Young Master Shan. 

Her beautiful eyes turned cold, and although she was glaring at him, Han Qingshan felt a weird tingling sensation in his body. He even thought that the young man looked somewhat cute in his behavior. 

“I do not need your compensation!” Jiang Yingyue said curtly. “Although I might not be a rich young master like you, I know that life is valuable even to the poorest of people. To be racing down such a narrow street… have some common sense!”

Han Qingshan had never been spoken to in this way before. He was quite shocked when he heard his harsh words, but he could say nothing in return. He had been racing in a place that was not meant for racing, and he had almost taken away a life in the process. 

With a last glance at the young masters, who were all looking insanely stunned at Jiang Yingyue, and then one last word to the little girl, she turned around and walked away, her figure vanishing into the crowd in merely a few seconds. 

“Young Master Shan, don’t worry about it,” a young man said as he walked up and placed his hand on Han Qingshan’s shoulder. “That was just a common pleb. Although he was wearing the school uniform of Riluo High, there was no way he could have been from one of the noble families.

“If he was of noble heritage, he would have been picked up by a car, and would not be walking through the streets on his own legs. It is obvious that he should be a scholarship student who has good grades and a shrewd view of the world.

“To think that he even dared to scold and reprimand Young Master Shan, he clearly knows nothing about the upper classes, at most he only heard about the royal families.”

Han Qingshan nodded his head absentmindedly. He was stunned that someone actually dared to raise their voice against him and speak without trying to flatter him. His interest in this young man seemed to become more and more profound. 

“Let us go,” Han Qingshan said as he returned to his black Porsche. After getting inside the car, he picked up his phone and made a phone call. 

No one outside the car could see what he was doing, nor could they hear the conversation between him and the recipient on the other side of the phone call. 

“I need you to get me information about someone,” he said with a low voice. A smile hung on his face and his eyes flashed with interest. 

“Who?” The voice on the other side of the phone was not flattering; it was cold and sounded even slightly callous. 

“A young man. I just hit him with my car. He is from Riluo High. He was around a hundred and seventy-five centimeters tall and incredibly handsome. I did not get his name or know anything else about him. I will have to rely on you to get me the information.”

“Did he dent your car?” The voice no longer sounded as cold as before, but instead it sounded rather amused. “Did he somehow offend you, and you cannot take action in public, so you want me to do it for you? Should I wipe him off the face of the earth or just beat him up?”

“None of that,” Han Qingshan did not seem troubled by the suggestion that the cold voice proposed; on the other hand, he smiled. “I am interested in him. He seemed different from anyone else I have ever met.”

“Are you turning human, caring about another person?” The cold voice was still amused, but the words made goosebumps appear all over Han Qingshan’s body. “I have always been human!” he argued back with annoyance in his voice. “I am just curious about this young man. I want to see if I could understand more of the world by talking with him.”

“I will look into it.” The voice was once again completely cold and detached. It no longer held any warmth, and the call was cut off as soon as the final sentence had been uttered. 

Han Qingshan smirked when he thought about how this little boy had seemed so hostile earlier, but in fact, the hostility felt more like a cute cat brandishing its claws, like someone who could cause a slight scratch but no serious damage.

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