MLoYM Chapter 30 – He Yuyan is Arrogant

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There was a fawning expression on He Yuyan’s face when she looked at Han Qingshan, yet moments after, when her eyes spotted Jiang Yingyue, those eyes turned hostile and filled with malice.

Her elegant demeanor was scrunched up and ugly. Her face, which had make-up heavily applied all over, was so filled with disgust, loathing, and hatred that it was impossible to hide it in time.

“I say, Young Master Shan, yesterday you had brought this commoner to the cafe to give him a cup of coffee, but does he really have what it takes to appear here? He is clearly freeloading off your money and reputation, and he would obviously not even be allowed inside were it not for you.

“Tell me honestly, does this commoner have something you need from him? Does he have some sort of hidden treasure that can assist Imperial World or the Han Corporation somehow?” 

The scions behind He Yuyan were all stupefied when they heard her voice turn from being coquettish to becoming shrill like a shrew. 

The words she spoke were even more unbelievable. During the ride today, He Yuyan had informed them about the fact that Han Qingshan had started hanging out with a commoner, but they had not paid much attention to it, thinking that He Yuyan was just causing problems again.

However, when they looked at the handsome young woman standing behind Han Qingshan, they were all acutely aware that Han Qingshan had actually brought someone from outside of their circle to their gathering. This was something that had never happened before, and even now, he was standing protectively in front of the handsome young woman with a frown on his face and ice cold eyes, that made him seem as if he was ready to rip He Yuyan’s mouth to thousands of pieces.

Everyone was stunned by the sudden outburst of He Yuyan, and they could sense that things were going the wrong way. 

“Young Master Shan, don’t take her words to heart, you know she is a spoiled girl, she doesn’t know better,” Zhu Guiying tried to save the situation. She was a good friend of He Yuyan, and she had just returned from overseas, so she was likely to be the best person to speak up. 

Unfortunately, He Yuyan was not too smart. She was from the very top of society, the most influential circle in the country, and she was used to being spoiled and having everything go the way she wanted.

She had forgotten that although Han Qingshan was friendly on the surface, his real personality was cold and ruthless. 

The other scions had not forgotten this, and when they looked at the cold expression on Han Qingshan’s face they felt a chill run down their spine, they shrunk their heads back and dared not speak.

Although all of them were rich scions, there was a major difference between the power they wielded and the power that Han Qingshan commanded. 

When He Yuyan was about to speak again, her phone suddenly rang, and she glared at Jiang Yingyue before she picked up, and with a sweet voice said, ”Daddy, what is wrong? Yuyan is out riding with her friends, please don’t disturb… What did you say?! The Han Corporation? No, I have done no such thing… I am next to Young Master Shan right now, let me ask him… Yes, father, I will behave…” 

The surrounding atmosphere chilled when they heard the conversation. Although they only heard half of it, they could understand certain things from the conversation, and it seemed that this Han Qingshan was set on protecting Jiang Yingyue. 

“Young Master Shan!” she exclaimed angrily, as she dismounted the horse and left it to its own devices. Fortunately, they were quite close to the horse paddock, and an attendant came rushing over to take the horse tack and lead the steed away. 

Completely ignoring the horse, He Yuyan began crying out loud as if she had been subjected to the most horrendous grievance, and she staggered towards Young Master Shan as if he was her saving grace.

“Young Master Shan, that collaboration was very important for the He family, how could you give it to the Wang family instead?” She asked while collapsing on the ground. 

Looking at her, Jiang Yingyue could not help but wonder if she was acting or was actually so devastated because of the loss of the collaboration. It had not seemed like a big thing to the Han father and son pair when they made the decision, but now He Yuyan behaved as if it was the end of the world. 

When the rest of them heard the words, they all sucked in a cold breath of air. A collaboration with the Han family was worth at least five billion yuan, and while it could be considered just a figure to the Han family, it was a fortune to any other family in the country.

Wang Feihong was also present, and when he heard the words of He Yuyan, his eyes widened. Even he had not heard about the collaboration going to his family, so it had to be something very sudden. 

Looking at Jiang Yingyue, he instantly understood the reason behind the sudden change in partners. It was a warning to the He family. It seemed that this was not the first time Han Qingshan had seen He Yuyan behave like this towards Jiang Yingyue, but for him to go this far, it seemed that Jiang Yingyue was truly considered a good friend. 

Most of the scions from the noble families were rather smart. At first, they thought that Han Qingshan had just brought Jiang Yingyue here to have fun and try horseback riding, but now they all understood that he was here to warn them all. 

If they behaved like He Yuyan, Han Qingshan did not mind using his power to beat them down.

As to what the reason behind this was, no one seemed to know, but all of them were curious. 

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