MLoYM Chapter 32 – Young Master is Appalled

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Han Qingshan drove Jiang Yingyue back home after they had finished the riding session. He had wanted to take her dining for dinner, but she declined politely, saying that she already had the leftovers from lunch. 

Seeing that he had already spent the majority of the day together with Jiang Yingyue, Han Qingshan did not push it and instead conceded defeat. 

“Make sure to attend the lectures tomorrow since the suspension has already been canceled.” With these words, Han Qingshan turned around and left, leaving Jiang Yingyue in front of her home, looking at the figure that entered the car and slowly drove into the distance, out of sight. 

It was not before she entered her house that her legs went wobbly and her heart started racing incredibly fast. She was finally relieved. 

Up until now, she had not expected that she would almost get discovered today when she wore the riding attire. Fortunately, none of the scions had enough time to look at her properly as she had been hiding behind Han Qingshan, and the whole situation with He Yuyan had taken them by surprise, leaving little time to consider her gender. 

“This is the last time I am going to go riding with Han Qingshan,” she muttered to herself. Although she had a lot of fun riding, it was so nerve-wracking that she could not fully enjoy it. 

Jiang Yingyue shook her head and felt as the adrenaline in her body all vanished, her frightened heart slowly settled and her taut nerves relaxed. 

She finally managed to feel much more at ease after being home alone. She picked up the leftover dishes and headed into the kitchen to heat a portion of them for herself for dinner. 

Her mood turned stellar as she thought about the delicious food she was going to be eating, and she even started humming a popular song. 

While Jiang Yingyue was in a great mood, as someone who had just seen the light after a disaster, Han Qingshan suddenly felt that he had far too much free time to spend. 

Normally he would join a business dinner with some important figures at night, or he would group together with the other scions to eat and drink. But today there were no business dinners scheduled, and it was not appealing to find the other scions to dine with. So instead, he found himself heading towards the area where the Han mansion was located. 

The Han family was a family that went back many, many years. It had produced businessmen, politicians and army commanders. The family was revered amongst all the families, and even now it was known to be the most influential family in the entire country. 

Han Qingshan’s father, Han Liqiang, was the current head of the Han family, but although he was the current family leader, he only had one child, Han Qingshan, who had been treated as the most favored child of heavens since he was born. 

It was not that Han Liqiang and Yan Meilin had not wished for more children, but they had been incapable of conceiving again. 

Since they had not been able to get more children, they had decided to spoil their son even more; giving him anything he might want.

When Han Qingshan realized where he was heading to, he had already arrived at the mansion, and he decided that he might as well stay for dinner. His father was not likely to be home, but his mother should be home for now, before she flew out again on another business trip. 

“Greetings, Young Master.” The servants he came across all greeted him respectfully. As he walked further into the house he saw that everything seemed devoid of his mother’s presence.

Could it be that she had already left on another trip? He furrowed his brows and felt perplexed. 

Yan Meilin was a world-renowned designer. She traveled the world with her collections on various runways to various shows. She designed for special events and even for royalties in certain countries. 

It was quite rare for her to be home, but Han Qingshan was certain that she should be at home right now. 

Suddenly it hit him, could she perhaps be busy in the studio? Usually, when the house was like this, it was when she was hit by a flash of inspiration. 

Heading towards the studio, he soon heard the sound of a sewing machine and music flooding out from within the workshop, and a smile appeared on his lips. His mother was not young anymore, but she still had a great passion for her work. 

When he opened the door, he saw that his mother was sewing on what appeared to be a dress in a soft baby blue color with white lace. It looked as if it was inspired by the vintage dresses, but with a cute and youthful flair. 

This dress was very different from what his mother usually made, and it was clearly targeting a young woman. Any woman wearing this dress would seem amazingly cute; the style alone was quite adorable. 

“What are you doing, Mom?” Han Qingshan asked, when he had looked at her buried deeply in her work for some time, and he could not help but be curious.

“Oh, I am making a dress,” she said absentmindedly. As she continued to work on it, her entire focus was on the dress, not on her son. 

“Is it a commission piece? It is quite different from your usual style,” Han Qingshan continued to ask. He was quite curious about who could make his mother change her style.

“Oh no,” she said smilingly, and finally put down what she was working with. “It is for your new friend. I heard he should be incredibly handsome and have a lithe figure. I cannot wait but see him wearing a dress that I have made.”

“Mother, he is a boy!” Han Qingshan was appalled when he heard her words, and he could not help but frown. 

“Yes, but even pretty boys will look stunning in one of my dresses,” Yan Huiying mumbled, as if it did not matter what gender Jiang Yingyue had.

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