MLoYM Chapter 35 – Young Master is Gay?

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The girls looked at Jiang Yingyue with big eyes, filled with a slight nervousness but also happiness from seeing her coming towards them. 

“Are you surprised to see me?” She asked, with her slightly hoarse voice, her smile quite mischievous and her charm off the charts. 

The girls had been blushing slightly before when they saw her going towards them, but now their faces were so red that they resembled tomatoes. Seeing them like this made a chuckle escape from her lips, they were simply too cute. 

“Pri-prince Fengmian… We aren’t surprised to see you…” one of the girls lowered her head and said with a quiet voice that trembled slightly, she even stuttered slightly. 

“Then why are you behaving like you did not expect to see me, hmm?” she continued to ask while moving her face closer to the girl. 

She knew that she was safe with these girls, as long as they did not touch her chest or crotch, she would not be discovered. Not to mention she liked flirting with the three girls, having a lot of fun seeing their expressions, finding them incredibly cute. 

“We… We were just wondering about your relationship with Young Master Shan,” the girl suddenly blurted out, but after she had said it, she took her hands and covered her mouth, her face so warm it was almost steaming. 

Hearing the question, Jiang Yingyue was taken aback. The relationship between herself and Young Master Shan? What was there to question about them? Weren’t they just ordinary friends? 

Seeing his puzzled and not quite understanding expression, the girls felt that he was incredibly cute, but they also understood that he was not angry, and thus they gathered some courage. 

“Yesterday when you were suspended, Young Master Shan came here to look for you. When he heard what had happened, his expression turned so grave that even the temperature dropped.

“Young Master Shan is always friendly and smiling, but yesterday he was furious beyond belief. We have never seen him like this before.

“Not only was he furious, but he also instantly fired the teacher who had suspended you. All of us saw him packing up his items and leaving the academy with a desolate back, he was clearly feeling aggravated, but what could he do? It was Young Master Shan who made the decision. 

“But the forum has been going wild with rumors about the relationship between the two of you since then,” the girl continued, her eyes filled with mischief and curiosity. 

“There are some who are starting to ship the two of you together, the Young Master of the country together with the new school prince. Some even say that the only reason for Han Qingshan’s rage was because of someone hurting his dearest man.”

The more the girls spoke, the more elated they became, and they even started giggling amongst one another, their faces no longer red.

Jiang Yingyue was surprised when she heard the words that the girls said. So even when she pretended to be a guy, she was doomed to be paired with another guy. That was troublesome, but she did not mind it too much. 

It was only gossip and the dreams of a few girls who had nothing better to do, but this could help her in the long run. If someone thought that she was gay, then they would definitely not get close to her. Although the country claimed to approve of one’s sexual orientation, not many were actually so open about it, so she would definitely become disliked by the majority of the students. 

The more she thought about it, the more brilliant the thought seemed. If she was gay, then the girls would not chase her anymore, and if she was gay, then the guys would stay away from her even more than they already did. 

A smile broke out on her lips, but she quickly contained it. The other part of her so-called romance was her only friend after all, so she had to consider her next step carefully. 

“He helped me out because we are friends,” Jiang Yingyue said, with a gentle smile on her face. “He got angry because I was being treated unfairly due to a teacher’s favoritism, and he wanted to settle scores for me as a friend. Don’t go filling your heads with silly gossip.”

When the girls saw his gentle behavior, even after they accused him of being gay, their hearts fluttered, and they started hoping that he was, in fact, a couple together with Han Qingshan. The two of them looked so attractive together when they walked side by side. 

What Jiang Yingyue managed to get information about, Han Qingshan also knew the moment he appeared at school. He was feeling mixed emotions, unsure of what to say. 

To the ones who had stated that Jiang Fengmian was his ‘dearest man,’ he could not say anything because this was, in fact, the truth. Ever since he had met Jiang Fengmian, he had felt an unnatural protectiveness and closeness that he had never felt before. 

But he knew himself rather well, and he knew that he was not gay. He was also quite convinced that Jiang Fengmian was not gay either. So this rumor could be seen as being destructive to both of them, and he was even more worried that Jiang Fengmian would believe in it and be disgusted. 

Sighing, both of them were busy with their own thoughts while listening in on the first lecture of the day. Jiang Yingyue busy deciding on how to best turn gay, while Han Qingshan was worrying about how to salvage the situation in the best way so that his newfound friend would not break away from him again. 

Like this, the day went by. Jiang Yingyue got used to being stared at by everyone during the lectures, and when lunch arrived, he found a place where he could eat his homemade lunchbox. 

Although the food at the cafeteria was cheap, it was more expensive than making a lunchbox herself, and saving money was one of Jiang Yingyue’s hobbies.

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