MLoYM Chapter 36 – Young Master was Cool

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Han Qingshan went to the cafeteria as usual. The cafeteria was split into two levels, the ground floor with the more affordable food, and the upper floors with much better food at a much higher price point. 

He had never before considered where to go eating, but today he was wondering if he might run into Jiang Yingyue if he stayed at the lower levels of the cafeteria. 

Then a smile broke out on his face and he shook his head. Since when had he, the young master of the Han family, ever considered how to have a chance encounter with someone like this before? 

He went to the upper floors where he saw Wang Feihong was sitting with a group of other scions. Some of the upper-class children from commoner families were also dining at the second-floor cafeteria. All of them were there for the purpose of being noticed by the noble-born scions so that they could raise their family from being upper-class commoners to enter the real upper classes of society.

“Young Master Shan, come sit with us,” Wang Feihong said smilingly, as he saw Han Qingshan picking up the meal he had ordered. 

Remembering that Han Qingshan’s father had sent the business deal, that should have been given to the He family, over to the Wang family, he wanted to show his gratitude. 

Although the Wang and the He families were rather similar in status, the Han family had not worked much with the Wang family, as they had close ties to the He family and they were specialized within the same industry. 

Now that He Yuyan had truly and utterly annoyed Han Qingshan, he was wondering if he should try and open up more collaborations with the Han family. Their family would not lose out on working with both of them, and the He family would lose a bit of their status this way. 

That would be a fitting punishment for He Yuyan. Hopefully, her father would scold her enough, so she would behave the next time she saw Jiang Fengmian. 

“Young Master Shan, I heard that the Zhou family is returning to the country soon,” Wang Feihong did not talk about Jiang Fengmian, although he was very curious about him. 

He wanted to know if the gossip was true, but he did not have the guts to ask Han Qingshan whether or not he was gay, so instead, he started a topic that was the talk of the town for all the higher-ranked noble families. 

“It is said that their heir has been raised in a village here in the country, but no one knows where. He did not even grow up together with the rest of his family,” Huang Sicheng said, while leaning forward as if the gossip was the best-kept secret. 

Han Qingshan just smiled, “I will welcome them back,” he said, with a friendly expression on his face. “When they give up their focus on the overseas market, it will open up a chance for the others to expand in the international scene.”

“There will be some losses nationally, having to share with another hegemon of the business world, but I look forward to trying.” Han Qingshan was arrogant because he had the rights to be arrogant. 

He was the supreme leader of the younger generation within the country. He had been taught from childhood on how to be a businessman, and even now, when he was busy studying, he was a CEO as well. 

Even if the Zhou family could maybe rival the Han family, was their young master really capable of fighting against Han Qingshan? 

It was integrated into every single youngster of their generation, that Han Qingshan was the most outstanding person. It was a known fact that anyone who challenged Han Qingshan would be defeated. 

But hearing him being so casual, about the fact that the Zhou family were returning to the country, made them all feel as if they had punched cotton. 

They had expected some sort of hostility or worry, but Han Qingshan was as calm and friendly as always; something that put his behavior the previous day into contrast even more. 

What did Jiang Fengmian have that could have caused Han Qingshan to become so upset on his behalf? 

Not sure how to breach the subject, all the scions ate their food in silence. It was only the guys who had gathered together, the women were sitting at another table, and their conversation was going on about Han Qingshan and Jiang Fengmian. 

While the commoner girls mainly thought it novel and fun that Han Qingshan was so nice towards Jiang Fengmian, these girls were slightly worried. 

All of the girls dreamt about marrying into the Han family, but if their young master was gay, was that not the same as saying that the Han family would end with him? 

“I do not really believe in it,” Lui Lihua said, with her eyes slightly narrowed and a smile on her face. “I got some insider information as to why Young Master Shan got so mad,” she continued, and all the girls suddenly paid attention to her.

“It is not that Young Master Shan actually wanted to stand up for that Jiang Fengmian, but because he felt that his dignity had been trampled on.”

She paused slightly to build some tension; the other girls were holding their breaths while waiting for what she had to say. 

“Some time ago when Young Master Shan was heading for the horse track together with his friends, he almost ran down a young girl. Fortunately, a young man jumped out to save her and got hit instead.

“That young man was Jiang Fengmian. At that time he behaved rudely and did not listen to Young Master Shan at all. Later on, he met this Jiang Fengmian again, here at the University, and invited him for a cup of coffee.

“At this time I was with He Yuyan who saw this, and you know her temper, she could not handle it and had to talk back at him. She was mostly trash talking him for being poor. 

“Young Master Shan was likely there to apologize to this Jiang Fengmian, and then she came to cause problems, so he said that she should be polite when talking to his friend. 

“The following day she completely disregarded what he said and caused Jiang Fengmian to be suspended. How could he swallow this down? Young Master Shan had just declared their friendship and then she did such an insane thing.

“So to say, Young Master Shan is not treating Jiang Fengmian especially well, it was He Yuyan who went seeking her own death.”

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