MLoYM Chapter 37 – Poaching of Stars

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The other women surrounding Liu Lihua were shocked upon hearing this. They had never thought that there was such a twist in the relationship between the two men. 

“So you are saying that Young Master Shan is just treating him well because he feels guilty for hitting him with a car?” One of the ladies asked stunned, and Liu Lihua nodded her head solemnly. 

“So this Jiang Fengmian is abusing Young Master Shan’s guilty conscience to stick to him, and even makes such disgusting gossip as them being a gay couple?”

“He is likely thinking that, if he sticks to the name of Young Master Shan, he will be famous,” another girl said with disdain. 

All of them had forgotten the main part of what this woman had said. She had been together with He Yuyan earlier when they had run into Jiang Fengmian and Han Qingshan drinking coffee together, did this not mean that she had a good relationship with He Yuyan? 

If she had a good relationship with He Yuyan, her relationship with Jiang Fengmian was strained, so of course, she would do all in her power to make the rest of their circle dislike Jiang Fengmian as well. 

At the same time, in a small garden behind the faculty that Jiang Yingyue belonged to, a young handsome-looking boy was seated on the grass eating his lunch while feeling blissful. 

Although Jiang Yingyue had eaten the leftovers from the restaurant for dinner on the previous night and had prepared leftovers for her parents, there were still some left, and she had packed them in her lunch box. 

The food was good, and she was in a great mood as she finished her meal before playing with her phone. She had some time to kill before it was time for the afternoon lectures, so she opened WeChat and sent a message to Han Qingshan. 

‘Thank you for the meal,’ was sent, together with a picture she had taken of the lunch box before she had started eating it. 

She was rather skilled at making food look delicious, and the lunchbox had looked enticing with vibrant colors, and the food was delicately portioned. 

Han Qingshan was still seated in the cafeteria, smiling politely while listening to the other scions discussing their businesses, when his phone vibrated. 

The phone was his personal phone, not the one that he used for business purposes, so he was quite surprised. Not many had this number, even most of the scions did not have it. 

Picking up the phone and seeing the picture, the polite smile on his face suddenly turned gentle, and his expression was brimming with quiet happiness, causing everyone at the table to stare at him in shock, all of them forgetting what they were talking about just moments before.

Han Qingshan quickly replied to the message, and moments after, when he looked up, he saw all the others at the table looking at him in an odd way. 

“What is it?” He asked curiously when he saw their expressions, but none of them dared to ask what kind of fairy had sent him a message to warrant such a look from their perfect young master. 

“Nothing,” Wang Feihong had an idea of who it might be that was contacting him, but he hoped that he was mistaken. If the heir to the Han corporation truly turned gay, then the whole country would be turned upside down. 

Han Qingshan did not leave, but he kept his phone in his hand and sent messages from time to time, replying to Jiang Fengmian. 

Time flowed like water, and soon the two-hour long break was over before it was time for the afternoon lectures to begin. 

Han Qingshan continued to study, but just as the day was ending and he wanted to go find Jiang Fengmian, his work phone rang.

It was very rare that people called him. Usually, they would send a text message out of fear of interrupting him, but this time it was an actual phone call, so Han Qingshan quickly picked it up. 

“CEO Han, there is a problem at Imperial World that I cannot make about decisions on my own.” It was his assistant that called, so Han Qingshan’s face instantly turned solemn. 

Imperial World was his work for over three years. He had worked hard for this business to flourish, so he was not willing to see it encounter troubles.

He scrapped the idea of going to find Jiang Fengmian, and with a last glance towards the faculty where his friend was likely to appear from, he sighed and headed towards his car. 

He hurried through town, towards the main office of Imperial World, where he was greeted by a flustered assistant. 

“Song Liwei, brief me on the way,” Han Qingshan said, as he headed towards his office. 

”The Su corporation has poached five of our A-listing celebrities.” Song Liwei said right away, passing five reports over to Han Qingshan. “They were all signed with us three years ago, their contracts should have been renewed next month, but instead of starting to engage in discussions with us, they all informed us that they had decided to head for Su Corporation because they gave them a good offer.

“Some of them seemed truly sorry while others were arrogant, but what was common in all of their cases, was the fact that they refused to talk terms with us.”

Song Liwei felt horrible. He had been tasked with looking after Imperial World, but now things had progressed out of the scope that he could control. 

“The Su corporation should not have enough capital to make them join them, they must have worked together with someone else,” Han Qingshan said, while scanning through the documents he had gotten from Song Liwei. 

He took out his personal phone and dialed a number; his face was stern. “Hei Yi, figure out who is backing the Su family now. I want to know how they have managed to poach my stars.”

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