MLoYM Chapter 38 – Young Master, Help Me!

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Song Liwei was incapable of hearing the response on the other end of the phone, but he saw that Han Qingshan spoke no more and that he had disconnected the call before taking a seat in his office chair. 

His face turned more and more solemn the more he read, and he felt that something was amiss. 

The Su Corporation was controlling Starry Sky Entertainment Agency, the oldest agency in the entire country. But while they had a renowned name, the Su Corporation which was behind the firm, was nothing more than a family business in the middle tiers of the noble class. 

They did not have not the same kind of capital and funding as Imperial World, who had the Han Corporation behind it, neither did it have the same convincing powers. 

Anyone within their minds right would pick Imperial World over Starry Sky Entertainment Agency, but now five of his golden geese had suddenly decided to go to the competitors. He had to figure out the reason behind this. 

Were they unhappy at his agency? Had they not been treated with the respect they needed, had someone taken their resources away from them, what could have happened to cause so many to leave at the same time? 

Was this a problem stemming from his company not running as smoothly as he had planned, or had the opposing side come up with some strategy that made them convince his artists to jump ship? 

Han Qingshan cleared his mind. He was a businessman, and a very good one at that, so when he started working he became focused and concentrated. He began to go through every artists’ calendar and checked who they had meetings with, to ensure that no other artists had contact with the Starry Sky Entertainment Agency. 

He also contacted the managers of the artists who had quit, but all he found out was that these managers had followed their artists to the other company, handing in their letter of resignation. 

He became quite puzzled, then his thoughts were led towards the conversation he had at lunch with the other scions. The Zhou family was returning to the country, could this perhaps be their hands stirring up trouble? 

However he had no reason to assume so, when all came to it, he had not had any dealings, good nor bad, with the Zhou family. Although they would end up as competitors when they returned to the country, it was not the same as them needing to cause problems for him like this. 

While Han Qingshan was busy attending the problems at his agency, Jiang Yingyue left the university on her own and headed to the closest convenience stores. 

In her hands were her CVs, as she was planning on handing them in to the shops. She hoped that she could be given a part-time job, so that she could help her parents provide for the food, clothes, and other expenses. 

She entered the first convenience store that she found, and headed to the counter. “Excuse me is the manager in?” She asked gently, while winking at the girl standing behind the counter, making her blush as she nodded her head. 

Moments after, a middle-aged man appeared, his expression stern, but he had a mild aura around him. 

“What can I do for you?” he asked, neither polite nor rude. Jiang Yingyue bowed to him and handed him a CV, “I am currently a university student looking for a part-time job,” she introduced herself, “I am available for evening and night shifts, so if you are looking for someone, then please take me into consideration.”

“Oh, we could use one more person on the evening shifts,” the manager said right away. He seemed very pleased with Jiang Yingyue, and instantly helped her into the office to fill out the employment papers. 

In less than half an hour she had already managed to get herself a job, and although it was not a high paying job, it should give her at least enough money to help her parents out a little. 

Smiling happily she left the store, after agreeing to show up the following day after university to have her first shift. 

But just as she left the store, and was about to cross the road, the sound of screeching tires made her lift her head and look at a car that came speeding towards her. The car was driven by a young woman, her eyes were filled with malice as she looked at Jiang Yingyue. 

Instead of attempting to avoid her, she stepped on the accelerator and sped the car towards Jiang Yingyue, who had turned around and started running for her life. 

The car landed a hit on her, and unlike last time, where she had only bounced off the ground a few times without too much damage, she felt all the bones in her body creaking upon impact, and a large gash appeared just above her waist, causing blood to seep out through the clothes. 

She gasped in pain and looked at the car. The woman within was laughing out loud when she saw the wounds of Jiang Yingyue’s body and how her clothes were stained red before she drove away. 

Gasping for air, Jiang Yingyue sat down on the ground; she knew she had to get to the hospital. 

Unfortunately, she was not in a state to go there, and if she were to call an ambulance, that would be incredibly expensive. 

In the end, she fished the phone out of her pocket, and with trembling hands, she called Han Qingshan. 

Although she had to use her female ID at the hospital, in the current situation, she could only rely on him. 

Back at Imperial World, Song Liwei was currently holding both of Han Qingshan’s phones, to ensure that he did not get interrupted while working. 

When he saw the phone ringing, with a name he had never seen before he frowned, he contemplated if he should go to inform his boss about it. But when he looked into the office and saw Han Qingshan fully focused on the task at hand, he changed his mind, rejected the phone call and shut off the phone. 

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