MLoYM Chapter 39 – Young Master Yan

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Jiang Yingyue called Han Qingshan once, but he did not pick up. She tried once more but found out that his phone had been shut off and she smiled wryly. 

She started to feel lightheaded as she pressed on the wound on her side, trying to stop the bleeding, but not daring to take a look at it. 

There were black dots in front of her eyes, and she was feeling uncomfortable. She could not think straight, but fortunately, other people at the scene had filmed what happened, and some had even called the police. A witness even had the foresight of calling an ambulance.

In the end, the police arrived first, and some of the witnesses who had filmed what happened spoke with them, while one of the officers stood by Jiang Yingyue’s side, his face slightly worried when he saw how pale this young man was. 

The ambulance arrived shortly after, and the paramedics quickly surrounded Jiang Yingyue. 

Seeing the blood loss she had suffered from the crash, they were quite worried about her and hurried to put her into the ambulance and drive her to the hospital. 

“Do you have any ID on you?” They asked her, as soon as the stretcher entered the ambulance, and Jiang Yingyue nodded her head weakly. She then gave her information details for her real identity, Jiang Yingyue.

“You said you are a woman?” The paramedics looked at her with doubt in their eyes, but Jiang Yingyue was in too much pain to care about their reactions.

“We all have the right to live life as we please, and I always wanted to live as a man,” she said weakly. 

Hearing this, they had nothing else to say and started cutting her shirt into pieces to display the deep wound she had gotten on the side of her body. 

“We will need to try to stop the bleeding and check that no internal injuries have appeared.”

On the way to the hospital, Jiang Yingyue lost consciousness because of her overwhelming blood loss. 

They soon arrived at the hospital, but the attendants were incapable of finding any information about her closest kin, and Jiang Yingyue had not left any emergency phone numbers for them to contact either. They began to stitch her up and made her go through all the tests that were needed, to ensure that she was not in any life-threatening danger anymore. 

When she woke up, she found that she was lying in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown. She had not been unconscious for long, just long enough for them to finish all the examinations. 

She still felt a dull pain on her side, and could not help but feel a headache coming her way. 

She was happy that she had applied for a credit card before beginning university. The credit card was in her real name, and it was meant to help her buy the things she needed for university, but now it seemed that she had to use it for the hospital bills instead. 

Just as she woke up, a doctor entered the ward. “Good day,” he said with a friendly voice, ”I am here to give you some information about your situation. Although you were lucky and did not receive any internal injuries, the wound on your side is rather bad, and we suggest that you stay here for observation for a few days.”

“A few days?” Jiang Yingyue frowned, but the doctor was certain as he nodded his head. “Yes, it is quite necessary; you need to heal up properly. We need to observe you for a bit longer before it will be safe to let you out into the wild again.”

Hearing the certainty in the doctor’s voice, Jiang Yingyue did not argue, and just weakly nodded her head. 

As he saw that she accepted what he had said, the doctor looked much kinder. He then left her alone with the parting words of telling her to sleep and rest a lot to recover her strength.

Taking her phone, Jiang Yingyue called her mother to inform her that due to a slight accident, she had been forced to go to the hospital and had to stay there for a few days. She told her mother not to worry and that they should not visit her because of their current situation. 

She also said that she would contact them from time to time, but she would not leave the phone turned on, other than at the times when she was going to call them. 

At the same time, in a country far far away, a young man ran through a magnificent modern mansion. He ran towards a specific office, and when he reached it, he barged inside without even knocking. 

Inside the office was another young man. He was seated in front of a laptop, clearly in the middle of a meeting through a video call. But when he saw the expression on the intruding young man’s face, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he spoke in a foreign language to the ones on the other side of the conference before closing it down.

“Have you found her?” He asked with bated breath, as he looked at the young man who nodded his head, his eyes shining with excitement, and his expression showed that he was very proud of himself.

“I found her! The ID of Jiang Yingyue has finally been used for the first time in nine years!” He said excitedly, and the man in the main seat breathed in heavily.

“Where is she?” He asked. His voice was low and worried, but the young man was too excited to answer. 

“Right now she is in a hospital, in the capital of your home country,” he said, slightly less excited after mentioning the fact that she was in a hospital. 

“She is in a hospital?” He was stunned when hearing this, and suddenly his heart started hurting, what could have happened to her in order for her to be hospitalized? 

“We leave immediately! I cannot let her vanish in front of me once again,” he said decisively, and the young man did not even try to dissuade him, instead, he nodded his head, “Young master Yan, we will do what you order!”

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