MLoYM Chapter 4 – Psychology

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Jiang Yingyue hurried home. Her entire body was aching, and although she knew nothing was broken, she was still in a great deal of pain. What a graduation day this had been. 

She could not help but grumble about how the young masters of the upper society were spoiled and selfish, not even caring about the life of the commoners, making her mood turn foul.

It was not before reaching home that she had vented all her frustrations by cursing that Young Master Shan in her mind, over and over again. 

As she arrived home, she knew that her parents were still at work. So she went to the market to buy groceries so that she could start cooking dinner, getting everything ready for when her parents returned home from their jobs. 

This was how life had been going since they had moved. Jiang Yingyue’s parents were working long hours to provide for them, while she would help out by taking care of all chores at home before studying. Her life was simple, but she felt it was rather fulfilling. 

After she returned home from the market and started preparing the food, Jiang Yingyue was singing happily in the kitchen, cooking their dinner: sweet and sour pork with a side of leafy vegetables and rice. 

“My dear, it smells heavenly!” her dad’s voice sounded from the entrance along with the sound of the door opening and him entering the house. Her father worked as a guard in a mall, while her mother worked in a convenience store. The jobs were less lucrative than what they had worked as before, but neither of them ever complained. 

Not long after her dad came home, through the door came her mother. A gentle smile hung on her beautiful but haggard face when she smelled the food. 

“My baby is the best,” she smiled gratefully, and after washing their hands, the family sat down and began eating. 

“Dear, what are your plans now that you have graduated from Riluo High?” her father could not help but ask. Jiang Yingyue smiled, eyes sparkling. 

“I am going to apply for The Imperial University and study psychology.” This had been her primary choice for a long time now, and she was still certain about it. She had debated between studying psychology and medicine, but in the end, psychology won. 

Mother and Father Jiang were both happy to hear that she had made up her mind. They had previously had the exact same conversation with her and had heard of her wishes before, but they were still unsure whether or not she would actually stick to it. 

“I will do my best at the entrance exams,” Jiang Yingyue promised. “I will apply for a scholarship too so that we won’t have to pay too much tuition, and then I will look for a part-time job to do while studying.”

“Don’t worry, we can take some extra shifts too,” both her parents promised. They looked at their daughter with tender eyes and emotion-filled expressions. 

Jiang Yingyue nodded her head happily and continued to eat before she cleaned the table and washed the bowls and dishes. She knew that her parents approved of her studying psychology because they wanted her to return to her own life, but she was still incapable of doing so. 

She had lived as Jiang Fengmian for as long as she had also lived as Jiang Yingyue. Not only this, she feared that if she let go of his life, she would lose him forever; this feeling was always nagging at her heart, strangulating her whenever she saw cute girls and wished to be like them. 

While Jiang Yingyue started studying and preparing for the next step in her life, Han Qingshan could not get the young man’s figure out of his mind. He was constantly fiddling with his phone at the horse paddock while waiting for the cold man to return a call with the information he asked for. 

“Young Master Shan, come ride with us,” one of the socialites said coquettishly and fluttered her eyelashes in a tempting manner. 

“Young Master Shan is a dragon amongst men,” another socialite said while covering her mouth with her hand and laughed lightly. “He will become a leading figure in the country later on. No, in the entire world. He must be very busy; we should let him be.”

The women had all rushed to the horse paddock when they heard that Young Master Shan would be present, even the temporary lovers of the other young masters were looking at him with starry eyes and greed. 

The Han Corporation was the biggest corporation in the entire country, and the richest family was the Han family, which had a hand in controlling both the foreign and inland economy. 

Everyone knew that Young Master Shan was not keen on getting together with young women or socialites, but all of them still wished to become the young madam of the Han Corporation so they followed him around wherever he went. 

Young Master Shan had a friendly personality and he seemed easygoing. As long as no one touched his bottom line, he would maintain a certain level of amity with everyone; but if his bottom line was touched, no one knew what might happen. 

However, a few women had previously tried to drug Young Master Shan to get into his bed that way, only to have their entire families come crashing down because of their actions. 

Even though everyone knew that Young Master Shan was difficult to deal with, it did not stop the socialites and young women from fantasizing about him, all of them wanting to become his one true love, wasting every single opportunity they could to get close to him. 

Just as Han Qingshan was about to answer the two girls, the phone in his hand started ringing, and a light shone in his eyes as he went to a secluded area and answered the phone call.

“That was fast,” he said excitedly, but the voice on the other end of the phone just snorted. 

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