MLoYM Chapter 41 – Discharged from the Hospital

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Jiang Yingyue was bored. She had turned off her phone at the hospital because she feared that Han Qingshan would find her somehow, and realize that she was a woman. 

Although she had been ready to admit her real gender to him before, now that she had reached the hospital and gotten more clear-headed, she instantly decided that it was not a viable option.

If he could forgive her for lying to him, then that would be good, but if he couldn’t and went to the police, then both she and her family would be in for a lot of trouble. 

Since this was the case, it would be best for her to leave the hospital as soon as possible. 

She stood up, feeling the dull pain at her side, and forced herself to continue moving. 

Her shirt and bandages had been cut open when they had to access her wound, and her family had not visited her, so she did not have any clothes that she could change into. 

She quickly went out to find a shop to buy some cheap clothes. She then returned to the hospital and changed her clothes. Finding something to wrap around her chest, she proceeded with the payment for the medical expenses, so that she would be free to leave.

Although the doctor was slightly hesitant, he could see her determination. Since she had already been sewn up and paid the hospital fees, he decided to let her go after cautioning her multiple times to take it easy and to not lift anything heavy.

As she walked out the door, she saw an extremely handsome young man coming towards her, followed by three bodyguards and an assistant. This man seemed to be of the same quality as Han Qingshan, but he gave her a different feeling. Where Han Qingshan was like a breeze of fresh air, a sunshine boy that always smiled and was incredibly gentle, this man was cold and seemed callous. 

His black hair was slightly messy, his dark eyes deep like a bottomless well. His thin lips were pale and thin, and he was tall, at least as tall as Han Qingshan. 

He was walking with the same confidence that Han Qingshan had when he walked. He had an air of nobility and elegance around him; he was clearly no ordinary person.

Looking at him, she could even feel how the temperature in the air was getting lower and lower. There was some insane tension in the air around him. 

Jiang Yingyue did not think too much about it. He had likely lost someone dear to him or was about to lose someone dear to him so the tension could be understood. 

With a final glance at his handsome face, she furrowed her brows as she thought he looked somewhat familiar, but after laughing at herself in reproach, she moved out of the hospital and started walking down the street.

How could she have known such a handsome young man? It was already enough to know Han Qingshan. 

When she left, the young man took a deep breath before entering the hospital. His hands were clenched into fists, and he was feeling slightly uncomfortable. What if it was not her? 

He went through the front door and towards the counter. Time was flowing so slowly that it made him feel like everything around him was happening in slow motion.

“Can I help you?” the secretary behind the counter asked, but before Zhou Yan could ask anything, his assistant spoke up.

“We are looking for a patient of yours. Her name is Jiang Yingyue. She should have been hospitalized a little while ago,” he said with a smile on his face, seeming very gentle and friendly, but the eyes remained cold. 

“Oh, you mean the tomboy?” she asked while smiling at them.

“Tomboy? That sounds about right,” the assistant laughed. “So, where is she?” 

“She was discharged from the hospital a few minutes ago,” the secretary responded, with a friendly expression on her face. 

“The doctor suggested that she should stay longer, she was hit by a car after all and needed a full twenty-three stitches, but she was in a hurry to leave.” The secretary seemed to have forgotten everything about her responsibilities of not telling anything about a patient’s history.

The temperature was getting colder in the hall, Zhou Yan’s brows furrowed and his eyes glistened with coldness. She had been hit by a car? 

“Can you tell us a bit about the accident?” the assistant asked, and the secretary nodded her head. 

“The police were here to talk with this Jiang Yingyue because according to the witnesses it was not an accident, but someone intentionally attempted to harm her! It was really quite gruesome, and the poor girl was almost killed.” 

When he heard this, Zhou Yan’s face was cold, and a murderous air started spreading in the hall. The secretary finally seemed to understand that there was some anger behind the man’s cold expression, and she quieted down. The aura that he was releasing was so overwhelming that she had problems even breathing.

“What does Jiang Yingyue look like now?” the assistant asked, as if he had not sensed the killing intent that was seeping out of his master; the smile ever present on his lips. 

“She-she loo-looks like a-a boy,” the secretary answered, as she felt trepidation from being stared at by Zhou Yan; she even stuttered slightly. 

“A boy?” The assistant raised an eyebrow in surprise. Why would Jiang Yingyue look like a boy when she was clearly a girl? She used to be a very delicate and beautiful child, it was obvious that she would grow into a fine beauty, so why would she look like a boy? 

“Yes…” the secretary was certain that she looked like a boy. “I can bring you to the surveillance room, she just left so you should be able to see what she looks like.”

This time the assistant did not answer but looked at Zhou Yan, who after contemplating for a moment, nodded his head. 

The secretary breathed a heavy sigh of relief and began leading them to the room where all the cameras were located. She felt that her life was just spared. 

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