MLoYM Chapter 42 – Taking You Home

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Following the secretary into the surveillance room; Zhou Yan, his assistant, and the bodyguards were standing dumbstruck while looking at the images on the screen. 

It was clearly a boy they were looking at. From the clothes, to the hair, and to the facial expression, all of it seemed to resemble a young boy around eighteen years old. 

Even Zhou Yan was shocked when he saw what Jiang Yingyue had turned into, but then brightness appeared in his eyes, and he said a name out loud that made the assistant look enlightened: “Jiang Fengmian.”

Without saying anything else, Zhou Yan turned around and left the hospital, closely followed by his assistant and the bodyguards.

As they reached the main road, Zhou Yan turned towards the assistant, “Lin Qiang, find out who hit her with a car. Figure out if you can find a recording of it as well. Also start searching for every Jiang Fengmian in the capital, especially the ones who appeared after she vanished. I think she is using her brother’s identity.”

Lin Qiang was a little surprised when hearing what Zhou Yan said, but he quickly nodded his head, and as they entered the car, he started making various phone calls. 

They were heading toward one of Zhou Yan’s properties in the capital, but even before they arrived, Lin Qiang had managed to get his hands on the recording that had been taken of Jiang Yingyue being hit by the car. 

“I am sending it to you now,” he said, slightly hesitating. He had felt his own heart clench when watching the video; it was nothing compared to how Zhou Yan would feel. 

Lin Qiang had been with Zhou Yan since they were born. It was his life’s purpose to look after the young master of the Zhou family. Ever since they were children, they had been stationed in the countryside to mature, before they had been called back at the age of ten. 

While living in the countryside Zhou Yan and Lin Qiang had gotten to know Jiang Yingyue, and they were very fond of her, Zhou Yan mostly so. 

But one day, she had suddenly vanished without a trace, and even when he used all the power available to him, he had been unable to track her. 

Lin Qiang had expected Zhou Yan to get better as the years went by, but instead, things had gotten worse. He was frantically searching every lead he could find in hope that it would lead him to her, but during these nine years she had never even once used her ID. It was impossible to find even a trace of her until she suddenly appeared at a hospital in the capital.

When Zhou Yan received the email containing the video, the air within the car was as if they had entered an ice age. It was so cold, that even Lin Qiang who usually feared nothing, started fearing Zhou Yan.

“Find the culprit,” was all he said. His voice emotionless, but Lin Qiang knew that he was seriously angered this time. 

After speaking, Zhou Yan closed his eyes and leaned against the backseat of the car. The video he had just seen was running on repeat inside his mind, making him feel uncomfortable and helpless.

Jiang Yingyue was unaware of the fact that her old childhood friend had tracked her down and started to close in on her. Instead, she was walking down the street with a sheen of sweat on her forehead and her pretty face scrunched up into a painful grimace. 

She had no other option than to go home, but taking the subway and squeezing amongst other people did not feel so tempting right now. She found a secluded area and a sat down, wondering if she should call a taxi. 

Just as she turned on her phone, she found that she had seventy one missed phone calls from Han Qingshan, and a stream of warmth appeared in her heart. 

She had only been missing for a little more than a day, but he had still called her so many times, clearly he was worried about her. 

Without realizing it, she had already redialled the number and put the phone to her ear. 

It only rang once before it was picked up and a worried voice sounded on the other end of the phone, “Jiang Fengmian? Are you okay? Where have you been? Why has your phone been turned off?” 

So many questions barrelled towards her, but instead of getting annoyed, she felt a sweetness erupting in her chest, and she giggled slightly. Yet the moment she had giggled, she also hissed in pain. 

”What is wrong?!” Han Qingshan on the other side of the phone heard her hiss and was very worried, but Jiang Yingyue just said weakly, “It is nothing,” but even she herself did not feel that her voice was convincing. 

“Where are you?” Jiang Yingyue could hear that Han Qingshan was fiddling with some papers and then she heard the sound of keys being picked up. 

Sighing, she felt that getting a lift from the great young master was not such a bad thing, so she replied with her current location and leaned back against a wall. 

Not even ten minutes later, a worried voice called out to her, and she opened her eyes, only to see a very worried and uncomfortable Han Qingshan standing in front of her. 

He saw that her usually rosy complexion had turned pale, her lips which were usually very bright red were now almost white, and sweat was on her forehead.

“Let me take you to the hospital,” Han Qingshan said, but Jiang Yingyue weakly shook her head. “I just came from the hospital,” she said, “I have been there since the day before yesterday, it was fine to leave now, so I was discharged.”

Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue’s face. She did not seem fine, but he could not say anything about it seeing her stubbornness. “Okay, but I am taking you home with me then. You are not in a state where you can be left home alone.”

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