Today I want to introduce the new website Neovel.

Neovel is, like many other hosting websites, an option for an author to publish their books and see a small amount of remuneration.

Neovel is a community driven project with the aim of letting authors express themselves, and also get readers to enjoy a comfortable reading experience.

Neovel is split into two sections, one is NeoRead, which is the webplatform where the stories can be found. This place has many new stories every day, and many of the stories upload content daily.

NeoRead lets people decide whether they wish to be passive readers, and read novels, or if they wish to engage in the community, engage with the author, and write comments and reviews.

Neopload is for the author. This is the backend where you can upload and create your novel. You can pick the language, the genres and the tags. Everything is up to you, and you can release a whole book at once, or just one chapter, should you feel like doing that.

Alice B Sullivan and Fuzed are two authors who, as me, have taken a leap of faith and begun using this site.

They, like me, both have positive impressions of the site, it is very userfriendly, and has been a great experience for all of us to use.

Alice B Sullivan said that her general first impressions of Neovel was that it was super user friendly and the theme of the platform was very easy on the eyes, which made for a good reading experience. Alice B Sullivan joined Neovel in July, but heard about it earlier through a Reddit promotional post. She was originally not ready to use a platform like Neovel, but after spending some time considering her goals, she gave it a chance. She feels that it was easy and painless to begin uploading. One has to be aware that there is a 48 hours period before a novel gets approved, but afterwards a released chapter will update instantly.

Alice B Sullivan has published three short stories on Neovel, where two are complete, and one is in progress. She mainly writes Zombie Apocalypse novels, and this is a small introduction to her novels:

Unraveled is a 2k word short story, taking inspiration from current events and adding zombie-esque creatures:

Symbiosis: The Beginning is a 9k word short story, with 7 installments, showcases a father’s love for his family and what he’s willing to do for his wife and daughter; bioengineered parasites used to treat leukemia revert to how nature intended, only stronger:

Return is her current in-progress short story, symbolizing the hope of making it back to the people who need you despite all odds, featuring classic undead zombies and more:

Fuzed wrote:

“I have been writing short stories ever since I was a child. I always loved putting my ideas down on paper, but never persevered long enough to actually write something that one could call a book.

Last year, I came up with this idea that I loved so much, that I overcame my laziness and finally started writing. I wrote for a while, before I finally decided to publish my first ever book. If anyone would be interested in reading an action, mystery, sci-fi novel set in a unique world filled with assassins, I’ve got you covered. I’ll attach the link and the blurb at the bottom of this post, so if you think you might like a story like that, I’ll be more than happy to see you there!

I started publishing on Neovel almost 2 months ago and I was immediately amazed by the responsiveness and willingness of the Neovel team. They would talk with us and listen to our suggestions and made sure that we, as creators, were always happy. There was (and still is) this familiarity between us in the community. That’s why Neovel almost feels like a second home to me as a writer. I also earned my very first money on Neovel, which is something that not even websites like RoyalRoad, Tapas, or Webnovel had achieved.

Overall, I can’t recommend Neovel enough. Even though it might not be perfect right now, I can definitely see it becoming one of the biggest self-publishing websites in the coming decade.

Occidendum Blurb:

Fascinated by his father’s profession, Nathan wants to follow in his footsteps and become an assassin.

When he receives an unexpected call giving an opportunity too good to refuse, unheeding his father’s warnings, Nathan joins Occidendum, a company of assassins.

Confronted by the harsh realities of his chosen profession, Nathan realises just how woefully under-powered he is. With his and the lives of the people around him on the line, he has to use his extraordinary brain to even out the field and survive in a world of legalised assassinations.

These two wonderful authors has been dedicating their time and effort into writing their stories. If you are interested, make sure to head over to Neovel to give them a try.

And now to Primeval Chaos System’s three chapters:
Chapter 31 – The Baili Family
Chapter 32 – Sensitive System
Chapter 33 – “Let’s Go Buy a Cauldron”

I want to talk about something that is very important. As an author, it is important to reach out and connect with your readers. This can be done in many ways, through social media or chat programs.

I feel that it is important to get a feel on what your readers think about your book. Although you cannot follow their opinion all the time, you can at least understand their thought process.

Personally, I have a Discord chat where I discuss with the many readers I have. We chat about everything from my books to every day events.

I also have Facebook and Instagram, but where I spend the most of my social presence on Patreon, where I have people who support me, and I post new chapters and so on.

Keeping an online presence makes it easier to connect to the author, and it also makes it easier to bring out news of your books.

PCS Chapter 28 – Popular Fairy
PCS Chapter 29 – Familiarity
PCS Chapter 30 – Jealous Xuanyuan Yunshen

Now the month is almost at an end, and we will look back to see what themes we have thought about so far.

1 – Here I briefly introduced the project.
2 – Planning a book
3 – Webnovels
4 – My writing and the history of my writing
5 – Covers
6 – Editor
7 – My team
8 – Introduction to Primeval Chaos System
9 – Stockpiles
10 – Amazon Self-Publishing
11 – My situation
12 – My writing schedule
13 – Quantity vs quality
14 – Be true to yourself
15 – Thank you readers
16 + 17 – Broken Computers
18 – Encourage readers to write
19 + 20 – My feelings about Writing
21 – Promoting is important
22 – Quick release of a chapter
23 + 24- Where to market your books
25 – introduction to today’s theme.

PCS Chapter 26 – The Auction Begins
PCS Chapter 27 – Fight for the Pills

Today I will not go into details with anything specific. Tomorrow I will make a list of what we have spoken about so far, and what I have learned from the things I have spoken about now, what I find the most important and so on.

PCS Chapter 25 – Carried Like a Princess

When publishing books it is very important to do some marketing.

I personally found most of my readerbase from doing free web novels, but even so, I still market my new books.

That can be posting it in the relevant groups on facebook, or on your own social media platforms. You can try and contact the local media and see if they are interested in covering your books, and at the same time you can also start advertising. Amazon advertisement is a good option if you release on Amazon as a selfpublishing person.

I would suggest that you read a few books about advertisements first though, since they are not all that simple.

Anyway, when you write a new book, you should try to get the word out and make people notice your books. It is important that people know about your book to buy it. If they do not know anything about your book, then they can not read and buy it.

PCS Chapter 23 – Losing Face
PCS Chapter 24 – The Day of the Auction

Today I will not say too much about writing. I have gotten a new computer and have been spending the whole day writing. It was truly liberating, and I have managed to write quite a bit. It felt so good!

Tomorrow I will explain about various methods of marketing, so look forward to that!

PCS Chapter 22 – Revenge Against the Cousin

Today I got a new laptop, so I am able to write again!

I got to tell you it is horrible without a laptop. Although the break was good, I have been itching to write 😀

Today I will explain that although there are many ways of promoting online, one should never belittle the chances of promiting your books in your area.

You can make flyers, posters, and leaflets. Most libraries are happy to help you promote. I have also been participating in various events, that could be conventions or smaller local events, where you can promote your book.

It is never a wrong thing to promote, the more who knows about your book, the better it is.

Sometimes, you can even be lucky and hold a lecture for interested people. I have held various lectures, not just about writing, but also about living with a mental disability, and about the combination of chasing after one’s dreams.

So never give up, do everything you can to tell your people about your books, not to mention local newspapers are always on the hunt for a new interesting event, so tell them about your books!

PCS Chapter 21 – Qin Chanjuan

I truly love writing. Writing is a kind of relief for me, when the world is too much, or if I am tired, or things are complicated, then writing is a way to escape everything and find a peaceful moment where I can relax and regain energy to face the challenges I need to solve.

However I do not only write when I am unhappy. It is often that the better my mood is, the more I feel like writing. Writing is also something which I enjoy greatly, and while it can bring me in a good mood, it can also intensify my good mood.

Writing is a wonderful exercise, and I feel that something is missing if I do not write every day. It is as if I forgot something important.

Recently, I have not been able to write every day. My computer broke down, and with a broken computer, writing has proven to be quite a challenge. I do not enjoy writing on the phone, so my mood has also dropped this last week, when I had no way to vent.

But sometimes it is a good thing to take a longer break. My mind is overflowing with thoughts and plans for my stories. I am thinking of thousands of new scenarios, mini plots and bigger plots. I don’t want to change the plotline I already planned, but I can build onto it, or tweak it slightly.

This break, which I have been forced to take, has truly made me reconsider my novel, but I also took the time to reread my novels.

I think it is important to reread the writing you make. Sometimes you might forget small details, especially in longer series, and these details can change everything for you later on in the story.

The good news is, however, that I am apparently getting a new laptop tomorrow, so I will be able to write again soon. I simply can’t wait, my fingers are itching to write!

PCS Chapter 19 – The Tea House
PCS Chapter 20 – Ghost Wood

Today I want to encourage you, my wonderful readers, who has a dream about writing.

I have spoken with many of my readers throughout the years, and many of them have been scared of actually starting.

What scares them is not only the actual writing part, which can be quite daunting, it is also the fear of actually publishing what they write, is it good enough? Will the readers like it?

I understand that many has such fears. Writing is not always easy, and readers can be as ruthless as they are lovely. If you write something they are unhappy with, they will make sure to tell you about it, but they will, on the other hand, also tell you if they like what you write.

In my opinion, if you have a story in mind, then you should write it. No one will be able to write your story as well as you do, and although I understand that writing is not a simple thing, that it takes time and dedication, I feel that it is a good idea to give it a try.

No one says, that as soon as you’ve written something, you will have to publish it. In fact, i suggest not doing so. Although I previously spoke about releasing regularly and so on, it is different from person to person. For gathering readers you definitely need a steady release rate, but if you wish to write for fun, other readers does not matter.

There are no rules or regulations for when you can and can’t write. No one says what is good and bad writing either, so as long as you are having fun, then that is the most important thing. As long as you enjoy writing, then things will be good.

I will always suggest that people give it a try. Worst case is that you find out that you did nok like it, but even then, you have lost nothing but gained an experience.

PCS Chapter 18 – “Work with Me”

I have some bad news, my computer is no longer alive. It was a sad moment when I realized that my partner, my lifeline, had passed away.

When writing, it does not matter much what you write on, as long as it is comfortable for you. I have been using a cheap laptop the last couple of years, and it has been broken time and time again. Sometimes it has repaired itself, and other times we had to take it to the repair shop, but this time it was a complete death.

The computer is not able to ressurect, so now I am in need of a new one.

I personally write on a laptop for the ability to move around as I please. I currently live in a flat where I do not have the space for an office, and thus I often write at the dining table or at the sofa table.

I am moving in a few months to a place where I am getting an office, and I am quite excited about it, but I am still not sure if I should get a desktop or just another laptop.

Anyway, as long as I can write on it, I will be happy.

Also, I have to admit, that writing on a cell phone is extremely uncomfortable. I really dislike it.

Anyway todays and yesterdays chapters:

Chapter 16 – Like a Monkey in a Zoo
Chapter 17 – Dancing Clown