Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for taking the time to look through my site. If you are curious about me, as an author, then you have arrived at the right place to get to know more about me and my journey.

First of all, I am a 30-year-old woman, who is the mother of the most adorable little girl, who is 8-years-old.

My reason for starting to write is acutally a rather amusing story, as I never planned on writing seriously, nor did I expect to be treated as well as I have been by you, my most amazing and wonderful read.

I have, from a very young age, found Asian culture extremely intriguing. I admire the legends and myths, not to mention my inherent love for history, and the Chinese history is simply a treasuretrove of wonders.

I spent much time reading up on the things I found extra interesting and even took the time to read the four classics; A Journey to the West, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, and Dream of the Red Chamber.

Later, in 2014, I stumbled across a translation that took away my breath and made me feel extremely excited. This translation was on an old forum, and the novel was known as Coiling Dragon.

Back then, translations of these Chinese Webnovels were not that popular, but I soon found that they began to get more attention and I was hooked. I read almost everything that I could come across, but in 2015 I started to get impatient waiting for new releases of the translated chapters (I was not aware of the fact that machine translations were a thing, nor did I have a skill in this regard) and thus I decided to try my hand at writing a story myself.

When I began writing Blue Phoenix, I had absolutely no expectations for the future. I mainly wished to write the story for the sake of making the time pass while waiting for next translated chapters to be released, but I also found that I truly loved writing. While I had no actual experience in this regard, as it was my very first attempt at writing anything else than an essay for school, I found that it was extremely comfortable and invigorating.

However, in November 2015, a couple of months after I began writing, I got diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. This was a great blow to me, as I have been a single mom since before my daughter’s first birthday, and I was not sure of how to handle the future. However, once again, I found peace while writing, and slowly, writing became more than just an escape from my every day life.

Writing began to become a way to keep my thoughts in order, and I found that it could lessen my symptoms. Later, with the help of medication, my life became more or less normal again, but even up to this day, I feel as if my mind is cleared when I write.

Writing is for me not only a job, it is a feeling of freedom. It is a way to let my mind relax and feel peace. The feeling I have while writing is hard to explain, but it is very important to me.

When I write, I let my mind free. I do not expect to touch any deep subjects, nor do I think my writing style or choice of words is particularly good, but I truly love writing. I hope that sa time goes by, my ability will improve, and my stroies will become more enjoyable to read.

Because, that is my purpose in writing. I do not want to spark discussions or debate, I merely wish to entertain. I hope that my books can bring a bit of joy and a breather into the life of those who live in this world, no matter how their lives differentiate from one another.

This brings me to the most important part; I would like to thank my readers. Although I do not write for the sake of others, the feeling of knowing that someone enjoys what I write is able to give me a great sense of pride and honor. So, whether you have followed me throughout the passing of the years, or if you are new to my stories, thank you. From all my heart, thank you for your support!

The first version of Blue Phoenix Cover
Newest Cover for Blue Phoenix