Rampant Reality

Planned Release:
Patreon – Will be released on Patreon in February 2021
The release date on Amazon is tentatively set to mid 2022.

Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Virtual Reality, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor:  MindLitUp
Beta reader: OEE, Xenon, Mithia, Nandan
Release Schedule: Will be out in February 2021

The world was at the brink of destruction. After many years of pollution and overdraft on the natural resources, the skies had turned grey, only allowing the sunshine to shine through the smog once or twice a year.

Humanity had tried to abandon the world to ascent to the world beyond the stars, but all attempts had been futile; they were trapped on this dying planet.

The humans were still the dominating race on the planet, but one’s birth determined what kind of life one could live.

The wealthy enjoyed their lives; they spent their lives enjoying “Utopia,” a Virtual Reality, where they could live in a beautiful world. The middle-class, those who were allowed an education, were sent to “Utopia” to work or sent to do the more prosperous jobs in the real world, and once in a while, they too would be allowed a day or two of enjoyment in the Virtual Reality.

The poor, on the other hand, were living a life worse than slaves. They did all the hard work, all the manual labor.

Money did not exist. Coupons and resources were what one was paid with, but there was never enough for all. The famine caused many to die every year.

Feng Molian was a young woman who had been raised as a boy since her birth. She came across a Virtual Reality pod, which was the beginning of her journey to enter the Black Market, going from being a hated and poor commoner to becoming the hope of the entire era.

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