Planned Release:
Havoc is being released exclusively on Patreon for now.

Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Zombie Apocalypse, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor:  MindLitUp
Beta reader: OEE, Xenon, Mithia, Nandan

Yan Qiuyue was filled with despair. Her world had been turned upside down within a few hours.

As she had woken up in the morning, everything had seemed usual, however as the day progressed, a strange phenomenon appeared, and humans turned to zombies.

Finding herself in a zombie-infested city, she was full of dread but tried to keep herself alive. Unfortunately, she was unable to survive the first day, as a horde of zombies besieged her.

Right as she was about to die, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which helped her rewind the day. As she woke up once again, she was painfully aware of the disaster that would befall humanity, and she spent her day prepare.

With the help of the Primeval Chaos System, she was introduced to the new peculiar powers that appeared alongside the zombies, and she began her struggle to survive in a world where death was everywhere.

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