Birth of the Stargazer

Planned Release:
Birth of the Stargazer is being released exclusively on Patreon for now.

Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor:  MindLitUp
Beta reader: OEE, Xenon, Mithia

Qiao Yuyan was a lost child. At the tender age of less than a year old, she had been kidnapped and dumped in the countryside to die a lonely death. However, an elderly woman found her and raised her as the apple in her eye.

Upon her adoptive grandmother’s death, her biological family appeared to retrieve her, yet what awaited her was not the loving affection of a family, but a cold and sinister cage.

She tried her best to make her family like her, but after bringing them fame, fortune, and wealth, she found that her younger sister and her fiance had banded together to get rid of her.

Upon avenging herself, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which reversed her time to the day she was returned to the Qiao family.

She got her second chance at life and found that the world was different from what she had initially thought. Not only was she introduced to the Hidden World of experts, but she also found that the Primeval Chaos System had followed her back and merged with her soul.

She was back, and while she wanted to take revenge in passing, her main goal had changed. She wanted to become a real expert. Someone that no one could harm in the future, and all would look up to with respect.

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