Rest in a Demons Embrace

Uncertain release date for book 4 – Longing of the Demon Prince.

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay(Book 1-2)
Edited by ONI_Ghost
Beta read by OEE, Benbailey159
Release Schedule 2 chapters a week

In the continent of Tiandi humans lived amongst beasts, demons, and spirits. Here warriors were as common as the clouds in the sky, and each expert could either cultivate their inner energy known as Qi, or their soul, to form Spiritual Energy.

In the village of Jinwei, Luo Xiao grew up like a beautiful bird locked in a cage. He was weak from birth and unable to leave his bed for an extended period of time, yet his beauty made him well-liked amongst the villagers.

One day disaster struck the village of Jinwei. A Corpse Puppet appeared wanting to eradicate all life. A seal was unlocked, and soon the Corpse Puppet was dead under the hand of the sickly Luo Xiao, but this was not the end of his misfortune.

Right when he thought that the end was coming, a man as handsome as a god descended to the mundane world and took him away.

For the sake of revenge, Luo Xiao sold his soul to this handsome man, but is it only his soul that this alluring stranger took from him?

Book List:
Book 1 – Fall of the Demon Prince (Chapter 1 – 44) – Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay
Book 2 – Troubles of a Demon Prince (Chapter 45 – 92) – Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay
Book 3 – Dreams of the Demon Prince (Chapter 93 – 197) – Written by Tinalynge
Book 4 – Longing of the Demon Prince (Chapter 198 – ?) – Written by Tinalynge

The books can be found here:

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  1. I’m curious, is chapter 145 really the end? I’m really waiting for so much more stuff… Please tell me it isn’t

    • Hello. It is not, but my family is having a very hard time recently due to health issues, which has delayed my release rate of all my books. So sorry for the trouble, and ill return to releasing chapters as soon as possible!

      • It’s okay.. N sorry for the late reply… Hope everything is going on well on your side now… Take heart all will be well

  2. Will you release Rest in Demons Embace on Google Play Books?

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