Blossoming Flowers (My Life or Your Memory)

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Planned Releases:
Blossoming Flowers – My Life or Your Memory’s release is scheduled December 2019

Romance, Female Lead, Gender Bender (Girl pretending to be a guy), Modern

Author: Tinalynge
Editor: OEE
Beta reader: Soultorrent & Blue Jay
Proof reader: Tue
Chapter Length: ~ 1000 words a chapter
Release Schedule: 2 Chapter a day

She was born in the countryside where she lived her childhood together with her weak and sick brother. While she was healthy and capable of playing outside every day, he was confined to his bed, unable to make a move, listening to her tales of the world beyond the windows.

One day her brother could no longer hold on to his frail life and he succumbed to a sudden virus. Unable to cope with the loss, Jiang Yingyue took over the life of her deceased brother.

Starting life anew in the capital, Jiang Yingyue became Jiang Fengmian. A lonely prince charming who never got close to anyone yet somehow her life got entangled with the fate of Han Qingshan, the young master of the Han Corporation.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, grew up as the heir to the biggest corporation in the country and one of the biggest on an international scale.