There are multiple ways to support me – the links below will take you to different methods, some are financial support while others are emotional support, and both are as important 🙂

  • Patreon – Patreon is a subscription website where you can support us with a specific amount of money each month. Those who support us are known as Patrons and Patrons are getting special benefits and rewards as a thank you for supporting us. Rewards such as early releases and artwork.
  • Ko-Fi – Ko-Fi is very similar to Patreon. You get access to advance chapters, but in return you can choose to do one-off donation or a monthly donation.
  • Buy on Amazon – If you wish to support me by purchasing my book and get your own copy, then you can purchase it from Amazon and leave a review.
  • Like, Share or Comment – A like, a share or a comment motivates us greatly to keep on doing what we do. If you enjoy the story and have a moments time to spare, please like or share the story, and we are always grateful for all the comments we get!
  • Buy Merchandise on Redbubble – I have ordered much art for all my series and this art can be purchased as T-shirts, phone cases and so on.
  • Join me on Discord – I have a discord server where I am always available to chat, so if you have questions about any of my books, or would like to chat with me about your own writing, feel free to come join me!
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