Planned Release:
Ascendant is being released exclusively on Patreon for now.

Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor:  MindLitUp
Beta reader: OEE, Xenon, Mithia, Nandan

Yang Qianru used to be an orphan. She had grown up in the slums and experienced the harsh reality of life, however as she committed suicide, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which moved her soul seven thousand one hundred and sixteen years into the future.

Here she found that she was given everything she had starved for in her past life. She got a family that truly loved her, but this was another world than the one she was used to.

This was a world where humanity had crossed the stars and entered the universe; Yang Qianru found that the humans had learned to go beyond mortal limits. Some cultivated Qi, which enabled them to control the mechs war machines, while others cultivated their mental energy, the spiritual energy, which allowed them to fight invisible battles.

The various empires and federations were fighting one another, each of them wishing for world domination, and Yang Qianru found herself embroiled in the conflict, unable to extricate herself and eventually gather her own force to put a mark on this era of war across the stars.

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