Primeval Chaos System

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One Chapter will be released a day from 1st of August and onward on this website.
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Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor:  MindLitUp
Beta reader: OEE, Xenon, Mithia, Nandan
Release Schedule: One Chapter a day from 1st of August and forward.

Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated a transmigration, using up all its remaining energy to send her from her own world to another.

In this new world, strength determined one’s future accomplishments, and one could only take control of their own life if they had enough power.

In a world like this, Qin Meixing struggled after taking over the body of someone who never could cultivate, but she was not alone.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, but while it was powerful and could help her advance to the world’s peak, it had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to thread.

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Table of Content:
Chapter 1 – Primeval Chaos System
Chapter 2 – Stargazer
Chapter 3 – Monarch Cleansing Pill
Chapter 4 – Spirit Root
Chapter 5 – Cultivation Realms
Chapter 6 – Xuanyuan Yunshen

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