MLoYM Chapter 1 – Graduation

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Jiang Yingyue was smiling slightly at a group of girls that were looking towards her with blushing faces, and their faces turned even more crimson as they gathered their courage and started approaching her. 

“Senior Jiang,” one of them called out with a soft and tender voice as she stepped forward, encouraged by her friends, “I would like to congratulate you on graduating from high school. I was wondering if it is possible for me to take a picture with you?”

The more the girl spoke, the redder her face became, making Jiang Yingyue’s lips rise up even more. 

Jiang Yingyue, or Jiang Fengmian as she was now known as, had been famous throughout the entire high school. She was known as the enemy of all the male students and the prince charming of all the females. 

When she flashed her smile at the young women, they would all feel their legs go wobbly and their faces heat up. 

“It would be my honor to take pictures with such beautiful girls,” Jiang Yingyue said with a smile on her face. She had been living as a guy for nine years now, and she was used to seeing girls blush whenever they looked at her. 

Nine years ago, when Jiang Yingyue had cut her hair, her parents did not try to discourage her. Instead, they had almost instantly sold their house and moved to the capital, which was a very long distance away from where they had lived before. 

They had not said their farewell to anyone, nor had they informed them where they would be moving to. One night, they all just vanished without a trace, and no one knew what had happened. 

When they arrived in the capital, they found and purchased a small house, spending their remaining money to purchase fake registration papers for Jiang Yingyue so that she could attend school and live life as her brother. 

In the beginning, her parents thought that it would only be a temporary phase that would help her cope with her depression, and that she would stop pretending to be a man as she matured, but nine years had passed since then. With the passage of time, her body had gone from an undeveloped child to a feminine and attractive, shapely figure, but no one could see it underneath her clothes, as even her chest was bundled up with bandages keeping her jade rabbits tightly hidden.

Because of the bandages and the fact that her body was not masculine like other men, Jiang Yingyue had to wear a lot of clothes to hide her figure, and she never got physically close to anyone. 

Although she was friendly to everyone, she did not feel especially close to them, and all the high school students decided that she was their prince, the one that everyone looked at and admired from a distance but no one could actually get close to.

There had been a few girls who had tried to seduce her, but even though she was living her life as a man and although she found girls very cute, she was not a lesbian and had no romantic feelings for them. 

Still, she felt lucky to have not fallen in love with anyone yet. In fact, she was quite certain that she would live out her life alone, living for the memory of her beloved brother with the goal to see and explore the world he could not experience; to take care of her parents and be happy. 

Noticing that she had been deeply immersed in her thoughts, Jiang Yingyue shook her head and gave a mildly self-deprecating smile to herself. 

Fortunately, the girls did not notice anything being off about her, and Jiang Yingyue posed for the picture together with the group of girls before she apologized and left them.

She was wearing her school uniform as she walked down the streets of the high school. The girls were looking at her with adoration in their eyes, while the boys had looks of envy and jealousy written all over their faces.

She had never gotten close to a lot of the people; she had not been part of any groups or gangs; nor was she close to any of the girls who admired her. 

Although the girls had found her interesting and attractive, they had never gotten the chance to get closer to her. All those who tried to do that in the past were held at bay by Jiang Yingyue herself in her characteristic gentle and soft manner that still made them sigh with delight. 

Because of her being so antisocial, none of the guys had really bothered dealing with her either, and she had been allowed to live her high school life in peace. 

As she was walking down the streets, she stopped in front of a building and looked at her reflection in the window. 

She was around a hundred and seventy-five centimeters, rather tall for a woman, but not too tall for a guy. Her body was thin and lean, and she wore slightly baggy clothes to hide her shapely figure. 

She had a devilishly handsome face, her features striking, and her black eyes sparkled like the night sky. 

Her black hair was messy and gave her a lazy feeling, and her lips were always curved upwards in a charming and flirting smile. 

Although she was so handsome that every woman in the high school dreamt about her and her gentleness, she never wanted to get involved with anyone. So even though she liked flirting, she still kept her distance. 

As she passed the school gate, she turned around one last time and looked at the place where she had spent the last three years of her life. Now, this part of her life was over, and it was time for her to begin the next chapter in her life.

“I hope you can feel it,” she muttered to herself, “because, no matter where you are, I will never forget you, dear brother.”

Having said this, she smiled as she raised her head high and started moving towards the subway. It was time for her to return home and show her graduation certificate to her parents. 

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