MLoYM Chapter 13 – Young Master’s First Market Visit

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Jiang Yingyue said no more as she entered Han Qingshan’s black Porsche. Neither of them spoke on the way home. Instead, the man was focused on driving while smiling slightly, feeling very pleased with himself. Jiang Yingyue was busy contemplating what she should make for dinner that night. 

“You can stop at the market instead of driving me all the way home,” she said. Her voice sounded pleasant to his ear. To him, it was a voice that he would never be tired of listening to.

“Why the market?” he asked in confusion. Jiang Yingyue gave him a perplexed look. “I need to shop for tonight’s dinner, how else am I supposed to cook?” she explained. 

She had thought it would be obvious, but then she was reminded that the man in front of her was not a simple person. He likely had chefs that catered to his every need and cooked whatever he wanted to eat. Their groceries were likely delivered to his mansion, or he would eat outside of the home in fancy restaurants every day. 

“You can cook?” Han Qingshan raised an eyebrow in surprise when he heard that Jiang Yingyue was shopping for dinner. When he saw her nod her head, he was surprised. 

This young woman by his side was like a treasure trove filled with wondrous surprises. 

She was a smart student who always got a scholarship, and now he found out that she even knew how to cook. 

“Well, if you are cooking, why don’t I stay over for dinner?” Han Qingshan suddenly asked. His question made Jiang Yingyue’s eyes widen in surprise and shock. 

“Excuse me, my dear young master, I live in a very small house with my hardworking parents. My entire home is probably even smaller than your room!” 

“I won’t look down on you just because of that.” Han Qingshan grinned when he heard his words. “I just want to taste your cooking. I am sure it will be delicious.”

“Of course it is delicious, but it is also very simple. I cannot make such an esteemed person like yourself eat my cooking!” 

“I am easily pleased.”

“No, really, it would be too much.” 

“I will pay for the food, you can buy any ingredients you want.”

“Oh, young master, do you feel like eating lobster tonight?”

Seeing the sudden change in behavior, Han Qingshan’s lips twitched slightly. He had never thought that Jiang Yingyue was so simple to convince; a simple mention of paying for the ingredients made her change her mind so rapidly. 

Fortunately, Han Qingshan had so much money that he would never run out, so paying for ingredients would be even cheaper than going to a restaurant to eat. 

“Let us go to the market then.” Han Qingshan was not going to give Jiang Yingyue an opportunity to change her opinion and drove straight to the market. 

This was the first time that Han Qingshan had ever been to a market, and he was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of noise and people.

Stalls were everywhere, and the people in the stalls were calling out, trying to sell their wares. 

“Hey, handsome, I will give you a good price if you come to my shop!” one of them called out when they saw Jiang Yingyue and Han Qingshan. 

The ones on the road had noticed them quite early. Seeing them walking down the roads made them all feel excited. All the middle-aged women were smiling and tried to get closer to look at Han Qingshan. All his clothes were branded, and he did not seem to fit in very well at the market. 

“Youngster Jiang, come, come, I have some fresh vegetables, newly harvested this morning!” a stall lady called out, her face radiated with happiness when she saw Jiang Yingyue coming towards her stall. 

“Grandma Meng, thank you, I will need to get some extra things today,” she said with a smirk and picked up a mountain of vegetables and fruits. 

Since Han Qingshan said that he would pay for the meal, she was going to make a big scrumptious meal with many dishes. Her parents rarely got to eat good food, so she was quite happy. 

After purchasing the vegetables, she started lamenting out loud, “I wanted to make a seafood feast, but we live so far into the country that getting seafood is extremely expensive and very hard to find.”

Seeing the disappointment on Jiang Yingyue’s face, Han Qingshan felt slightly surprised. Was it really difficult to get seafood here? He often ate seafood at restaurants after all, but when thinking about it, he realized it was indeed different for the common people. 

“Let us go to a supermarket,” he suggested. “They ought to have fresh fish.”

Upon hearing Han Qingshan saying this, the depressed Jiang Yingyue’s mood rose again, and she could not help but smile at him. “Thank you!” she exclaimed happily, her joyous mood spreading to Han Qingshan. 

“You are the one cooking, so you ought to be allowed to decide what we eat.” He grinned at the smiling Jiang Yingyue. Without realizing it, he reached out his hand and ruffled her hair. 

Jiang Yingyue was surprised and slightly alarmed, but after remembering that her head was the same whether she was a woman or a man, she quickly relaxed again and just pouted slightly. But deep inside, she felt warm. 

Han Qingshan withdrew his hand, but he was shocked to find out that Jiang Yingyue’s hair was soft like silk. He really wanted to comb his hand through her hair and feel that softness again, but he held back. They had just become friends, and it was not appropriate to touch her too much. 

He had also seen the brief flash of panic in Jiang Yingyue’s eyes when she was touched, so he could not help but wonder what kind of past this young woman was hiding, and what had happened to her that made her so cautious of others. 

Together, they returned to the car, only to find that a bunch of people had crowded around it, admiring it. Both girls and guys had gathered around hoping to see the owner of the car. 

“Look, look, it’s those two handsome young men, they must be the owners of the car,” someone whispered as they walked forward. 

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