MLoYM Chapter 14 – Home of a Commoner

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Han Qingshan had never experienced a situation like this before. He only frequented upper scale establishments, so for him to encounter a scene where everyone was looking at his car with such great reverence was something that had never happened to him before.

Jiang Yingyue seemed to have expected it to happen and felt quite helpless. She went towards the car, and the moment she stepped forward, a young woman collapsed right in front of her.

“Oh young masters, I just twisted my ankle, please help me get to the hospital,” the woman said seductively and with tears in her eyes. Jiang Yingyue was completely unaffected. She was a woman after all, and Han Qingshan also ignored her. He had seen every trick in the book from all the people who tried to get close to him, so this was nothing new. 

Jiang Yingyue walked straight past her and placed all the groceries in the car trunk, and then she went towards the passenger seat, while Han Qingshan walked towards the driver’s seat. 

Both of them completely ignored the woman, and boarded the car. The people surrounding them were all slightly surprised, but none of them felt that they were too cold. It was obvious that the woman had attempted to get close to them for her own benefits; she was simply too obvious.

“I should not bring you to such a place in the future,” Jiang Yingyue sighed as she considered the dangers. “You are a very important person so coming to such a place could be rather dangerous. I guess you should stick to your upper-class places.”

“I’m not a flower vase,” Han Qingshan complained. “I can experience your true life, and that’s exactly what I want to see, so don’t worry about me. Also, there is always a car of bodyguards following me everywhere I go. I will be safe.”

“Rich people’s problems,” Jiang Yingyue muttered, but she said nothing out loud. Han Qingshan drove the car towards the closest supermarket, where he could buy the seafood that the woman was craving for. 

Their time in the supermarket was simple; they entered and went straight for the seafood counter. Jiang Yingyue was so happy to buy everything that she could, like shrimps, prawns, scallops, lobsters and mussels. 

After buying everything, she held the bag close to her bosom with excitement. She could not wait to see her parents’ faces once they saw the feast she had planned for them.

Seeing her getting so happy from merely buying a small bag of seafood, Han Qingshan started to reflect on himself. Had he ever been happy because of the everyday small things that he got or happened to him? 

He had a black credit card and could buy anything he pleased whenever he pleased. 

He did not have a limit to how much he could spend, so if he fancied something he would buy it straight away. But he would never make this kind of happy expression on his face that this Jiang Yingyue had made so naturally. 

He also suddenly felt that he was becoming incredibly happy just by looking at this new friend of his. Seeing Jiang Yingyue’s happiness was enough to make him happy too. Something new had started to take root inside him. A feeling of accomplishment for making someone happy appeared in his heart, and it made him very pleased with himself.

He was starting to feel anticipation about tasting the feast that Jiang Yingyue was going to prepare. He had never had someone who was not a professional chef cook for him, so he was very curious to see how good homemade food would taste like.

After picking up all their groceries from the trunk, Jiang Yingyue guided Han Qingshan back to her home. It was a small, simple house, located around an hour away from the university. 

It looked old but was surprisingly well maintained. The car was parked on the sidewalk, and Jiang Yingyue gestured for the young man to follow her inside her house. 

It had been true when she said that the entire house was smaller than Han Qingshan’s room alone. After they passed through the door, they entered straight into the living room. The place did not even have a hallway. The bedroom that belonged to Jiang Yingyue was so small that it only had space for her single bed, a dresser filled with her clothes, and a small desk where she did all her studying.

It was not possible to even move around in the room, but fortunately the door opened outwards. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to even open it.

Although it was small, everything was kept neat and tidy. Han Qingshan was looking around with curiosity. He had never been in such a small building before. 

Seeing that Jiang Yingyue removed her jacket and rolled up her sleeves, Han Qingshan could not help but glance at the slim girl in front of him. Her arms were like lotus roots, delicate, and gave him a very feminine feeling. 

The skin was so white and carried the semblance of the purest jade. Even the slim fingers were beautiful. He could not help but remember the feeling he got when he touched her hand earlier. 

When Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue, his immediate thought was that this young woman was too skinny for her own good. Was she not eating enough? 

He suddenly started worrying endlessly about Jiang Yingyue, feeling that she was in need of someone to look after her. At least they were now considered friends, so it wouldn’t be too strange for him to get closer and help out, and ensure that she was not starving anymore.

Truthfully, Jiang Yingyue was not skinny to a malnourished level. Her body was perfectly proportioned. Not an ounce of excess fat was found anywhere on her body. But because of her small waist, her silhouette was rather small, making her seem slightly undernourished when one looked at her from a distance and assumed that she was a man. 

Jiang Yingyue did not notice the odd expression on Han Qingshan’s face when she picked up the bags of groceries and took them to the kitchen. 

She quickly started cooking the vegetables and the seafood, making a table full of food. She ended up preparing a bit of everything, making a full set of twelve dishes. The familiarity with which she wielded the knife and the kitchen utensils was amazing, and her cooking was like watching an artist draw. Han Qingshan was astounded when he saw how Jiang Yingyue was cooking so skillfully, and he started to feel hungry as he smelled the delicious scent of the food that wafted up from the table. 

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