MLoYM Chapter 16 – It is a Guy

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As Han Qingshan returned home, he picked up his phone, and looked at his WeChat, only to see that many had messaged him. 

The picture did not show anything of the surroundings, it only showed the homely looking dishes and the old fashioned plates they were plated on, and many were curious as to where he had gone to eat and who had cooked for him. 

Many felt that there was some gossip here, and they did everything they could to dig out this secret, but Han Qingshan was tight-lipped, only answering all of them that it was his friend who had cooked for him. 

Suddenly he received a message from someone he had not expected to hear from, “My dear son, who was it that made homecooked food for you? Is it a young lady? We are really not picky; if you like the woman then bring her home and let us see her.”

“It is just a friend, and he is male.” Han Qingshan answered with a smile on his face. He had to admit that Jiang Yingyue was more like a housewife than most of the females he knew. She was keeping the small home tidy and clean, and she was good at cooking. If ‘she’ was a woman, she would be the ideal housewife, someone any man would take home in an instant, especially when looking at her beautiful face. 

“I see, but it is good that you have found yourself a friend,” Han Qingshan’s mother was texting back rather fast, her face flushed with happiness. Han Qingshan was a friendly person that everyone could talk to, and he never put on airs of being superior, but those who really knew him, knew that he was almost impossible to get close to. 

Although he was friendly to everyone, he kept them at a distance. He never allowed anyone to get really close to him. In fact, he was a very cold and callous person hiding behind a cheerful and friendly mask. 

To hear her son acknowledge someone as his friend, this was the first time for her, so she was quite surprised. 

Unfortunately, when she tried digging more into it, Han Qingshan just stopped answering her. Still, a smile played on Han Qingshan’s lips as he returned to his condo. 

Han Qingshan had many residences throughout the capital, but there were two places where he mostly stayed. It was either this condo or at the Han mansion, his family’s home. 

Today he wanted to be alone, and he did not want to have the maids and servants clamoring all around him, so he went to the condo where he quickly went inside. The condo was more than ten times bigger than Jiang Yingyue’s home, but he suddenly felt that it was nowhere as homely. 

He went to the bathroom and took a shower before he laid down on his bed. Throughout the entire day, a smile had played on his lips, and even now it had not vanished. 

He was very happy with how he had managed to befriend this Jiang Yingyue. He could not wait to see the look on her face when he would bring her a surprise the next day. 

The day after, dawn broke, and Jiang Yingyue woke up and prepared to go to the university again. She was taking the subway like usual, and it took her an hour and a half to arrive, as the crowd was really atrocious. 

When she finally made it to campus, she found that everyone was looking and pointing at her. She furrowed her brows in confusion, her handsome face displaying incomprehension when some people suddenly walked up to her. 

It was someone from Riluo High, so she was somewhat familiar with them. Although they had never been close, they still knew each other. 

“Prince Fengmian, how do you know Young Master Shan?” one of them asked, with an infatuated expression on her face, the question making Jiang Yingyue understand what was going on. 

It seemed that she had underestimated the spreading speed of rumors at school. Since she had left with Han Qingshan the day before, everyone seemed to know about it now. 

Smiling gently at the girls, she answered, “Han Qingshan and I are friends,” she answered casually as if it was something simple, but what she did not expect was that the moment she had spoken, someone snorted behind her.

“Who are you to call Young Master Shan’s name directly!?” an arrogant voice sounded out, and Jiang Yingyue turned to see who was speaking. 

When she looked, she seemed to think that this person was somewhat familiar, but she could not place where she had seen her before. 

It was not long before he remembered the cafe from the day before, that she realized that this was the woman who had clung onto Han Qingshan’s arm and eventually left crying.

“What is it to you how I refer to him?” Jiang Yingyue asked with a slight smile on her face, looking completely unperturbed. 

The woman, He Yuyan, looked hatefully at Jiang Yingyue, her eyes indicating that she wished to tear her apart.

“You are just abusing Young Master Shan’s friendliness, but don’t go too far! Just because he had lowered himself to drink coffee with you, does not mean you are special. No one is special to Young Master Shan!”

Jiang Yingyue crossed her arms above her chest and looked mockingly at He Yuyan.

“You have no right to comment on our friendship,” Jiang Yingyue answered casually, “I can call him Qingshan all I want, and if you have a problem with it, take it up with him and not me.”

He Yuyan was close to exploding in anger. Her face was twisted into a sinister expression; she did not look like a noble socialite at all. 

“What is happening here?” A professor came towards the group of people, his expression rather solemn. When he saw that it was He Yuyan he instantly regretted stepping forward.

Unfortunately, now that he had already made his presence known, it was impossible for him to retreat again, and he was just about to put all the blame onto the one who had insulted He Yuyan. Everyone knew that the He family was a royal family, so antagonizing them would be rather suicidal.

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