MLoYM Chapter 17 – Winter has Come

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“Miss He, is this delinquent causing you problems?” the professor asked, as he looked at Jiang Yingyue with hostile eyes. 

He had long since noticed that the clothes he was wearing were not from any famous or expensive brands. He was clearly a normal student, so putting all the blame on him was the easiest thing to do, and it seemed that he might even be praised by miss He if he did so.

“Yes, he is being rude and crude. He is disturbing the crowd, and he is being a nuisance. Someone like him does not deserve to study at our esteemed university.” He Yuyan was speaking with a very haughty voice. 

She had seen how the professor was clearly getting ready to punish this young man purely because he was not as rich or important as her, something that greatly pleased her vanity. 

“You there, how dare you be rude to a miss and cause problems in the middle of the university grounds!” The professor was turning all his anger onto Jiang Yingyue, who just stood there quietly with slightly narrowed eyes and a cold smile on her lips. 

Seeing that Jiang Yingyue did not instantly grovel in front of He Yuyan and himself, the professor instantly felt unhappy and mad, and he was even more certain that Jiang Yingyue should be punished. 

“Follow me to the office,” the professor ordered Jiang Yingyue, and seeing this, He Yuyan was snickering with happiness and pride. She felt that she was finally getting back at Jiang Yingyue. 

In fact, He Yuyan did not think that Jiang Yingyue and Han Qingshan had a good relationship. She thought that Han Qingshan just needed to chat with him about something important, and that was why they were at the cafe the day before. 

Now that he was no longer by Han Qingshan’s side, he could no longer strut around like he owned everything, and pretend to be close to Young Master Shan. 

When Jiang Yingyue arrived at the office, she was instantly suspended from the University on the grounds of being a troublesome student. 

Throughout the entire process, Jiang Yingyue tried to explain, but no one listened to her at all. She was thoroughly ignored, and her mood turned foul. 

Jiang Yingyue never thought about complaining to Han Qingshan. Although she had been suspended for a period of time, it would be quite unlikely that she would be kicked out of the university as there were no grounds to do so. 

She was the highest scoring student that year, so kicking her out because of He Yuyan was not very likely, but being suspended at the beginning of the year was already enough to get her in a bad mood. 

“Go home and reflect on your behavior for the next month,” the professor said, with a stern and unhappy voice, “You should know better than to be rude to Miss He. Miss He’s father is one of the shareholders of this university, to go against her is the same as going against the principal!” 

Jiang Yingyue glanced at the professor but said nothing in the end, she picked up her bag and left the office without looking back. She was fuming with anger but had no one to take it out on, so instead, she left the university right away, not even bothering to look back. 

Some students had been close to the office and overheard the entire conversation. Those who had been present had also spread the news over the entire University, that He Yuyan had looked for trouble with Prince Fengmian, and claimed that he was being rude and disrespectful towards Han Qingshan. 

Many were quite surprised and wondered what was going on. The day before was still fresh in everyone’s mind, there were pictures of Han Qingshan picking up Jiang Fengmian, so how could he suddenly be rude and disrespectful towards him? 

Jiang Yingyue paid no attention to anything and went straight home. She was so furious that she went home and changed her clothes to a fitness outfit, before leaving the house to go for a run close to the river.

At this time, at the University, Han Qingshan was driving his black Porsche towards the parking lot, a smile playing on his lips as he was reminded of Jiang Fengmian’s expressions the day before, and he was excited to gift him the phone as a thank you present for the meal. 

Instead of going towards his own classroom, he headed towards the psychology course’s location, and he had a bag in his hands from the apple store with the newest iPhone within.

As he reached the class, he waited for the lesson to end before entering. As he entered the classroom, everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him with a mixture of expressions. There were adoration and greed, envy, jealousy, and even respect. 

He looked around but no matter where his eyes landed there were no signs of Jiang Fengmian. Han Qingshan could not help but frown. 

He had not known Jiang Fengmian for a long time, but he already knew that he was very dutiful. He would not skip class, so where was he? 

“Young Master Shan, what are you doing here?” The teacher could not help but ask when he saw that Han Qingshan was present. 

“Is Jiang Fengmian not here today? Is he on sick leave?” Han Qingshan frowned and felt slightly uneasy when he imagined that the guy who seemed okay the day before might be sick today. 

“Young Master Shan does not know?” One of the girls could not help but speak out loud in disbelief. “Does not know what?” Han Qingshan’s voice suddenly turned cold, and his eyes narrowed.

“He Yuyan had a confrontation with Jiang Fengmian earlier today. She was very upset with him insulting you, being disrespectful and mentioning your name without an honorific, resulting in him being suspended for a month.”

“What?” Han Qingshan’s always smiling face was now cold as ice, the temperature within the classroom was dropping drastically; it was like winter had arrived. 

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