MLoYM Chapter 18 – Young Master is Furious

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“Repeat what you just said.” Han Qingshan was not pleased when he heard what the young woman said, but looking at his cold and bloodthirsty expression, the woman stuttered and dared not repeat the words she had said just before.

Looking at the faces of everyone present, Han Qingshan soon understood that this had in fact happened, and his mood was turning increasingly bad.

He had never expected that something like this would happen. He knew that He Yuyan was very spoiled and acted without thinking, but he never thought she would be so out of control. His eyes darkened, and he could not help but feel very annoyed.

He turned around and left the classroom with large strides, but at the same time as he left, it felt as if the temperature in the classroom would never rise again.

Han Qingshan went straight to the administrative office. On the way, he was fuming with anger as he could easily imagine what had transpired earlier that day.

He was even more annoyed that Jiang Yingyue did not have a phone, so he could not call to hear if she was okay. He was so frustrated and helpless, but at least he knew where she lived. 

When he arrived at the office he was instantly invited inside like a VIP, the leaders of the school all crowded in the office wondering what was going on. 

Although Han Qingshan was a student at their university, he was also the heir to the Han corporation, their largest shareholder. 

“What brings you here?” the principal asked rather worriedly, his face was rather ugly, and he felt how cold sweat was starting to flow from his back.

He could see that Han Qingshan was unhappy, severely unhappy, and as such he could only hope that it wasn’t the fault of anyone in the leadership, or it was likely that there would be a great change in the upper echelon of the university. 

“Who was it that suspended Jiang Fengmian?” He asked right away, his voice like ice and his face not friendly at all. 

The always smiling Young Master Shan was not smiling, his eyes were cold, and it seemed as if he was out to slaughter someone.

The principal was stunned at first, “Suspended Jiang Fengmian?” he asked, perplexed. 

“He got suspended earlier because of He Yuyan, who seems to have a blast with causing problems. I want the suspension to be canceled right away, and I want her to apologize to Jiang Fengmian.”

“This…” The principal was in a tight spot. He Yuyan was also the child of a shareholder, and to force her to apologize to a commoner would be the same as asking for her to throw away her face, but looking at the murderous Han Qingshan he dared not decline.

“I am expecting that he will be able to return to school starting tomorrow, and the professor that suspended him had better own up to his crimes and quit the position he has right now.”

Han Qingshan did not wait for them to answer, before he turned around and left the office, his face still dark and gloomy.

Han Qingshan did not go to find He Yuyan right away, neither did he attend his own seminar. Instead, he went towards his black Porsche and drove to Jiang Yingyue’s home. 

When he arrived he found that there was no light on, and it looked empty as if no one was home. This was further proven when he knocked on the door, but no one answered. 

Han Qingshan was feeling worried about Jiang Yingyue. He knew how much her university degree meant to her, so to suddenly be suspended must have made her both frustrated and depressed. 

He started panicking, thinking about how she would react, and he started blaming himself for not having fetched the phone faster, so that he could have been there before and helped her out. 

Han Qingshan really considered Jiang Yingyue his friend. He considered her his only real friend, and thus he felt extremely protective of her. 

He started panicking. He knew nothing about her habits or where she might frequent, and since she had no phone, how was it possible to contact her? 

A deep frown was on his face, and he was about to call the cold-sounding guy when a melodious voice was heard behind him.

“Han Qingshan? What are you doing here; don’t you have a seminar to attend?” 

Hearing the voice was like sprinkling water on a withering flower. All of Han Qingshan’s negative thoughts evaporated like mist, and an apologetic smile appeared on his lips as he turned around to face that voice. 

When he turned around, he was surprised by what he saw. Right in front of him was Jiang Yingyue, bending slightly forward, her hands resting on her legs, while a sheen of sweat was visible on her forehead. 

She was breathing rapidly, and her clothes stuck to her body, making her seem even more petite than she actually was. 

Han Qingshan could not help but gulp slightly when he saw the other, but after shaking his head, he was returned to his senses. 

“How can I attend a seminar when I heard about your problems?” Han Qingshan asked, the friendly smile on his face had returned, and he seemed like a good-natured boy from next door. 

“That He Yuyan is quite a vindictive type of person. She seems to have decided that she dislikes me, so it is to be expected that I would be suspended. If she could, I am sure she would have me kicked out of university already, and I am not too surprised if she is working on that at this very moment.” Jiang Yingyue spoke casually as if it was not her studies that were in jeopardy. 

Sensing her casual approach to this, Han Qingshan was feeling much more relieved. He knew by instinct that Jiang Yingyue was very upset, and felt unfairly treated, but she had accepted her lot in life. She knew that she could not go against a noble family, so she could only accept what was happening to her.

Fortunately, Han Qingshan could go against any noble family.

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