MLoYM Chapter 19 – Young Master is Bashful

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“I will ensure that He Yuyan gives you a personal apology,” Han Qingshan promised, with a domineering and cold expression on his face. 

Although he was very curious about Jiang Yingyue’s world of commoners, he would never belong to this world. He was a young master, the most influential young master in the entire country, and he would be able to use power to suppress others.

“No need,” Jiang Yingyue waved her hand quickly as she declined his offer. “Making her apologize to me will just make her hate me even more. I don’t want to become the target of her extreme ire.”

Han Qingshan looked at the petite and sweaty figure in front of him. He could not understand why, but he felt that because they had become real friends, he should do anything in his power to support her and give her all the best that he could offer. 

How could he accept that a simple He family was stepping all over his first real friend? 

“Well, I need to take a shower and change my clothes, so if there was nothing else…” Jiang Yingyue looked at Han Qingshan, her eyes somewhat urging him to leave so that she could go and change her clothes. It was uncomfortable to be soaked in sweat after getting rid of all her frustrations by running. 

“I have something for you,” Han Qingshan reached into his car and took a bag out which he then tossed at Jiang Yingyue. 

She caught it rather awkwardly and was surprised when she saw it was a bag from the Apple store, her eyes widened when she looked into it and saw the box of the newest iPhone model. 

Lifting her head she looked at Han Qingshan confusedly, and he just snickered when he saw her confused and slightly dazed expression, finding it incredibly cute. 

“It’s for you,” he said with a smile on his face, not the usual calm and casual smile, but a smile that came from his heart. 

“For me?” Jiang Yingyue was surprised and rather shocked. Why would this be for her? She did not remember doing anything that warranted such an expensive gift. 

“I wanted to thank you for the meal yesterday. Eating homecooked food was something I had never experienced before, and now after what happened at the university, I feel it even more of a necessity than I previously thought. If you could have called me, all this could have been avoided.” Han Qingshan started explaining his reasons for why he had bought a phone for her, and he felt slightly bashful, even a little worried that she would not accept it. 

“I would like to accept it,” Jiang Yingyue began, “but it is not that easy since I can’t afford a subscription, so I won’t be able to use it.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Han Qingshan grinned, “the phone has already been set up, and the subscription is paid for by me. You can use it as you want, but you have to promise me that if you encounter a situation like this again, then you call me first of all.”

Jiang Yingyue was rather dazed and felt that there was something wrong with this situation. Although Han Qingshan was rich, was it really a good idea to spend his fortune on her? 

She was practically lying to him about her identity, and she could not help but feel slightly guilty. 

Seeing Jiang Yingyue hesitate, Han Qingshan felt nervous. He was never nervous, no matter what he did, but this seemingly small thing was making him feel uncomfortable and impatient. 

Jiang Yingyue glanced at Han Qingshan, who was intently looking at her with hopeful eyes, and she could not bring herself to disappoint him, so she felt herself nod her head hesitatingly. 

“Okay,” she muttered, somewhat shy, but also very happy. She knew that her life was very different from other families because of her not being able to get close to anyone, and her parents working hard to pay their mortgage, not having much money to spend on anything frugal at all. 

But somehow this Han Qingshan was forcing his way into her heart as her very first friend in recent years. This was someone she wanted to keep as a friend for her entire life. He was a guy, and two guys should not get too close, so she was safe in this way, but previously she did not want other guys to get close to her because she was different.

Even if she wished to pretend to be a man, she was not one. Her behavior and way of thinking were fundamentally different, so she was not good at dealing with guys, while she was an expert at pleasing girls. 

Han Qingshan was unaware of what Jiang Yingyue was thinking, but he could see that he was deep in thought. He did not disturb him, but he did not leave either, he just waited patiently for him to return to his senses.

“Please keep me company for lunch today.” Han Qingshan stated a request after a while, and Jiang Yingyue was stunned when she heard it. Then she narrowed her eyes and looked at him with suspicion.

“Do you want me to cook for you again?” she asked. She could not see why else he would want her to keep him company, but he just shook his head.

“I am going out to eat, but it is not nice to eat alone, and food always tastes better when you have someone to share it with.” Although he said this, Han Qingshan had another reason to invite Jiang Yingyue out to eat.

Jiang Yingyue had left the University in the morning and had been running for a few hours since then. Now it was already noon, but it wasn’t likely that she had eaten anything since breakfast, and if he left her alone, she would likely not eat anything either since she wanted to save money. 

Now that he was here, he was not going to let her go hungry, so he instantly invited her out to eat. 

It would be rude to decline now that she had just taken a new phone from him, and Jiang Yingyue hesitated for a moment only. 

“Sure,” she said after thinking it through, “but I need to take a shower first.”

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