MLoYM Chapter 2 – Young Master, Watch Out!

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Jiang Yingyue felt a sense of satisfaction when she left the high school, and her eyes were glistening with excitement. 

Her grades were the best amongst everyone in her class, and she was feeling proud as she placed her graduation certificate in her bag and started moving towards the subway. 

To be able to study at this high school, Jiang Yingyue had to qualify for a scholarship. And to be proven worthy, she needed to keep getting good grades. 

Her parents had spent almost all the money they had gotten from selling their old home to provide Jiang Yingyue with fake papers stating that she was Jiang Fengmian, and barely had enough left to pay the down payment for their new home. 

Now they were both working extremely hard every day to pay for the mortgage and bills. Living in the capital was much more expensive than living in a smaller city in the countryside. Everything cost so much more money, but they still wanted to provide Jiang Yingyue with the very best. 

Jiang Yingyue was grateful towards her parents. She was happy that she would be able to live Fengmian’s life, to never forget him, and that they never pressured her to return to the life of Yingyue. 

As Jiang Yingyue was deep in thought, she suddenly heard a scream, and when she looked up, she saw a bunch of limited edition sports cars coming down the road at a rapid speed. Unfortunately, the lights were red and some pedestrians were still crossing the road.

One of them was a girl who seemed to be around twelve years old. Her body was frozen in fear when she saw the cars coming towards her, and tears were welling up within her doe-like eyes. 

Jiang Yingyue’s eyes widened in surprise, and on instinct, she ran onto the road and pushed the young girl as hard as she could, getting her out of harm’s way. A grunt escaped the girl as she landed on the sidewalk, but Jiang Yingyue was not as lucky. 

She knew that it would be impossible for her to get back to the sidewalk in time, so she sighed. In fact, she was not afraid of death. If she died, would she not be reunited with her brother? 

But she did not die. The cars hit the brakes very fast, and the scent of burnt rubber could be smelled in the air alongside the squealing sound of tires being dragged over the road. 

Jiang Yingyue was prepared to die, but her body disagreed, and as soon as she had pushed the young girl away, her body twisted in a beautiful manner and started rushing towards the sidewalk as well. 

Unfortunately, she was not fast enough, and just as she almost got to safety, a black Porsche collided with her and sent her flying like a kite with a broken string. 

She felt her body spinning in the air, and a dull pain overcame her senses as she finally came to a standstill around five meters away. 

A painful hiss escaped her pretty lips as she sat up from her position. Her school uniform was dirtied and was hanging in tatters. Her messy hair became even messier than before, but her bright eyes were shining brilliantly on her handsome face. Her mouth was pursed tightly as she tried to withstand the pain that was coursing through her body. 

The cars had all stopped by now, and a group of young men and a few accompanying women stepped out of the vehicles. 

The women had pale and fearful expressions on their faces while looking at Jiang Yingyue, who was seated on the asphalt and checking her body to see whether or not she was fine in a rather casual manner. 

After noticing that there were no broken bones, just a lot of bruises and slight cuts, Jiang Yingyue felt incredibly fortunate and lucky to be in one piece. Then she stood up from the ground and dusted the dirt off her clothes in a carefree manner. 

“Excuse us.” The man who had driven the black Porsche looked at Jiang Yingyue as if he had seen a ghost. “Are you okay? Someone call an ambulance already, this young man just got hit by our car!”

“No need,” Jiang Yingyue hated going to the hospital as she needed to depend on her female ID to be examined. She was clearly a woman so she always had to use the ID of Jiang Yingyue when she went to the hospital, which was something she hated to do.

She took a few steps towards the young men and women before casually picking up the bag that she had dropped in the collision prior. 

“What do you mean no need?” The man who had crashed into her was rather worried. “You got hit by a car, and there might be internal injuries. We have to do something about it, or it could cost you your life!”

“I am fine. Really.” Jiang Yingyue was not in a mood to stay here any longer. So after saying that, she flashed her most genuine and attractive smile at the young man before turning around to leave, while the other man was left dazed. 

Unfortunately, things were not going to end that easily. The onlookers had all awakened from their stupor and started crowding towards Jiang Yingyue, especially the young girl she had pushed away who was rushing over with tears all over her little face. 

“Thank you so much!” she stuttered while bawling her eyes out. “You saved my life!”

“That was no problem,” Jiang Yingyue said gently as she reached out and gently tugged a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. “It was my pleasure to help a beautiful girl like you.”

The girl’s face turned crimson as she listened to Jiang Yingyue’s words, and the young men and women who had exited from the cars were all watching with dumbstruck faces. 

“Young Master Shan, don’t waste any more time on this pleb. He is clearly okay since he is capable of flirting like this with a girl right after being hit. Give him some compensation and let us be on our way, we have to reach the horse paddock soon or the others will begin without us.”

The man who was known as Young Master Shan was looking rather uncomfortable when he saw how this young man, whom he had just knocked down, was behaving. Should he not be more aware that he could have died just now?

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