MLoYM Chapter 20 – Discovery! Twin Sister!

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“No problem,” Han Qingshan sent her a brilliant smile that would make any girl’s knees go weak, including Jiang Yingyue’s, but she quickly calmed herself down again. 

They entered the home, and while Jiang Yingyue went to fetch some clothes, Han Qingshan started to look through the flat. 

When he had been here the last time, he had not seen much of the photographs and small items that were placed on the shelves and cabinets, but this time he was out to investigate. 

Jiang Yingyue thought nothing of it and entered the bathroom. Fortunately, all the bandages she used to bundle up her jade rabbits were within the bathroom, so she did not have to bring them with her, and thus Han Qingshan saw nothing that he was not expected to see. 

The sound of running water could be heard in the entire home, the isolation was poor, and Han Qingshan was somewhat surprised. He had never waited for someone to shower before, and the passing of time seemed very long. 

To not think about the fact that Jiang Yingyue was currently showering, Han Qingshan started looking at the different photographs. He saw a lot of photos that seemed to be aged. 

It was of two children, both of them looking very adorable. One was clearly a girl while the other was a boy. They looked so much alike that he could instantly tell that they were twins. 

There were a few pictures of the boy and girl alone as well, most of the girl’s photos were taken outside while she was beaming like the sun, while the pictures of the boy were mainly taken inside. Although the boy also smiled, it was never as brilliant as the girl, as if there was a shadow hanging at the corner of his mouth. 

“So he had a sister.” Han Qingshan could instantly tell that this boy was Jiang Fengmian, and the girl who looked so much like him was likely his sister. Unfortunately, he had not seen any traces of her since he had gotten to know this Jiang Fengmian, so she had probably died. 

Glancing at the door to the bathroom, Han Qingshan moved to a corner of the sitting room, fished out the phone from his pocket, and started to make a phone call. 

“I still have no news about that Fengmian,” a grumpy and ice cold voice sounded on the other end of the call before Han Qingshan could even introduce himself. 

“I have some information for you,” he said instead, and the cold voice paused. “Information for me?” he asked with doubt evident in his voice. 

“Yes, this guy has a twin sister. She is likely dead since I have not seen any pictures of her from being older than around ten years old. It should make it easier for you to find his background.” Han Qingshan did not know why, but he really wanted to know everything there was to know about his new friend. 

“You are aware that his ID is fake. It is highly likely that his real name has nothing to do with Fengmian, so even if I find someone named Fengmian with a twin sister, it is highly possible that it is not him.” The voice on the other end of the phone said, sounding slightly impatient. 

“I know,” Han Qingshan sighed. “Oh, got to go!” he said, as he hung up without waiting for the cold man’s answer. The water in the bathroom was shut off, and while Han Qingshan was waiting for her to emerge, time slowly ticked by. 

He started frowning. Why was it taking Jiang Yingyue so long to come out from the bathroom? 

Truth was that after the bath, Jiang Yingyue needed to dry herself, and then she had to bundle up her chest so that it was no longer visible. 

This process usually took her a full fifteen minutes. She was rather well endowed, her chest was in no way small, so to bundle it up took a lot of effort, and it was also a slight pain until she got them to sit perfectly. 

After that, she rushed to dress up. Her clothes were ordinary, a simple t-shirt, followed by a loose sweater, and a pair of washed out jeans. 

Jiang Yingyue looked like a pop star, her handsome face was framed by her still damp hair, her eyes glistening like starry skies, and the trademark casual smile hung on her lips. 

“If you really want me to eat lunch with you, it has to either be your treat or if you let me treat you, then we will go to a spicy hotpot stall I know, just around my old high school.” 

“You would treat me to lunch?” Han Qingshan was surprised. He knew that Jiang Yingyue loved money as much as she loved herself, so to treat someone to lunch was quite a splurge for her. 

“You just bought me a cellphone, not to mention you are going to be paying the subscription for me. The least I can do is offer to pay for your lunch, but I don’t have a lot of money, so a spicy hotpot is all I can afford.”

Jiang Yingyue was not ashamed of her words. She knew she was poor, and Han Qingshan knew she was poor. There was no need to hide and pretend anything, she could be honest with her first real friend, and this honesty made her very happy. 

“I have never had hotpot before,” Han Qingshan said while contemplating, but in the end, he still changed his mind. “Invite me for hotpot next time,” he said. “I have already reserved a table at a very famous place for lunch. It is, of course, my treat since I am forcing you to follow me.”

“Will they let me in?” Jiang Yingyue could not help but wonder. She was wearing very casual clothes, and they were from the most common of brands. 

Was it really okay for her to go to some upscale restaurant looking like this? As if he sensed Jiang Yingyue’s thoughts, Han Qingshan knocked her on the forehead, “Stop overthinking,” he said gently. 

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