MLoYM Chapter 21 – New Hobby

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Shrugging her shoulders, Jiang Yingyue decided not to overthink like she had been told to, and then followed him out of the house and into the sports car. 

The poorer area where Jiang Yingyue lived was located towards the western part of the city, while the university was located in its center. The restaurant that they were going to was also located within the city center, it was an upscale restaurant that specialized in Chinese cuisine, and their chef prides himself with having studied under the most renowned chefs in all of China. 

Han Qingshan had been unsure about where to order their meal, as he did not know how Jiang Yingyue would feel about international cuisine, so he had gone for the safe option, Chinese cuisine. 

When they arrived, Han Qingshan handed the keys over to the parking attendant who accepted them with reverence and carefully parked the car in the parking lot. 

Han Qingshan seemed very used to this, but it was the first time that Jiang Yingyue had attended such a fancy place, and everything was new to her. She looked at the restaurant with wonder, even the idea of a parking attendant was something novel to her. 

As they entered through the front door, a waiter was already awaiting them. He was wearing a classical waiter suit, which made a sharp contrast compared to the casual wear of Jiang Yingyue and Han Qingshan. 

“Young Master Shan, this is?” he asked, as he looked at Jiang Yingyue with surprise. Han Qingshan often came to this restaurant, he was considered a regular, and he even had a room specially reserved for whenever he came to visit to ensure his privacy. 

“This is my friend, Jiang Fengmian,” Han Qingshan answered, and gestured to the waiter.

The waiter did not continue asking any other questions; he opened the door, ushering them in and led the way for them. No one said anything about the casual clothes they were wearing. No one dared to tell Han Qingshan off for wearing casual clothes, and being a guest of this young master made Jiang Yingyue welcomed. She could probably enter even if she had been wearing just a leather sack. 

The private room was rather big. It was the best room in the entire restaurant, and it had floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed for one to overlook the entire city; the view was stunning as they looked out over the busy streets and tall buildings of the capital.

The restaurant was located on the top floor of the building, so no one could look through the windows from the outside. The entire room seemed very beautifully decorated. 

Jiang Yingyue’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the room. She knew that some of the higher-ranked restaurants had rooms for certain VIPs, but she had never before been inside one of these rooms before. 

Now, because she had befriended Han Qingshan, she was seeing a whole new world, the world of the rich and famous. 

Han Qingshan had been looking at Jiang Yingyue, and seeing her stunned, and slightly flustered appearance was enough to make him chuckle and be in a great mood. 

The two sat down at the table in the middle of the room, sitting opposite to one another, and while Jiang Yingyue was busy looking all around the room like a typical country bumpkin, Han Qingshan accepted the menu from the waiter and ordered a large number of dishes. 

Han Qingshan wanted to let this new friend of his experience what restaurant food was like, but the truth was that he was actually craving the taste of homecooked food instead. 

He had always thought that the food made by professional chefs was unquestionably the best, but after experiencing the seafood feast made by this new friend of his, he realized that he actually liked the feeling of eating a homecooked meal. It might not be as lavish, but it had a feeling to it that made him relaxed, and he truly enjoyed it. 

After Han Qingshan had ordered the dishes he wanted, the waiter bowed deeply and left while still feeling puzzled about the guest that Han Qingshan had invited. 

Who was this person who dressed like a commoner? Han Qingshan was a very friendly person, and he would often dine with other people, but this waiter had never before seen him dine with someone that was not part of the royal or noble families. 

Maybe this was a new hobby amongst the rich young masters, pretending to be a commoner to experience another kind of life. 

He dared not ask, neither did he dare to be negligent in his treatment of the young man. Based on the fact that Han Qingshan had brought him, he was already considered a VIP at their restaurant. 

“Open the box and have a look at the phone.” Han Qingshan wanted to see if this Jiang Yingyue even knew how to handle a smartphone. It was likely that she had never owned one before, so it was only natural for him to assist her with getting used to it. 

Jiang Yingyue did not need to hear his explanations more than once. She was quite curious about the phone, and she knew that it would lighten her life incredibly, but she did not know how to make the device work. 

She happily unpacked it and looked at the white and silver phone in her hand. It felt lighter than she had expected, and she could not help but turn it around to look at it adoringly. 

Seeing her this happy about something so simple as a phone, Han Qingshan could not help but chuckle. 

He leaned over the table and touched the on-and-off button; he turned it on for her and started explaining how to set it up and how to use it. 

He was surprised at how fast Jiang Yingyue was learning how to use it. By the time the food arrived, she had already created a WeChat and a Weibo account. 

Both were made under the guidance of Han Qingshan, who quickly added her to his contacts on WeChat and followed her on Weibo. 

Han Qingshan now felt a slight relief when he thought about how Jiang Yingyue would be able to contact him, should she encounter another problem, like the one earlier that day. 

At the same time, he was quite happy that they could now exchange messages to further increase his understanding of Jiang Yingyue’s life and sights on society. 

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