MLoYM Chapter 22 – She was a Foodie

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The food that was being placed on the table had a wide variety of everything the restaurant had to offer. 

Han Qingshan was unaware of what kind of dishes Jiang Yingyue preferred, and thus he just ordered a little bit of everything. 

Jiang Yingyue looked at all the dishes with wide opened eyes, and she could almost not believe that he had ordered so much. There was no way that they would be able to finish it all, was it not a waste? 

When Jiang Yingyue cooked, she would make something small and delicious, just enough for all to get their fill. Yet here everything was lavish, even the food looked like it was glistening in the light of the room. 

Just looking at the dishes made Jiang Yingyue feel like salivating, she could not wait to dig in, and she even forgot about her new phone. All she could think about was the food on the plates in front of her. 

Jiang Yingyue was a real foodie. She loved eating, and she rarely ate anything else than Chinese cuisine since this was what she was used to cooking. As a result, she had become rather skilled in this specific cuisine, and she could tell good from bad. 

From the smell of the dishes alone that started spreading through the room, she could tell that this was the top of the top, the most delicious dishes she had ever tasted.

Han Qingshan often came to this restaurant to eat so to him, a meal here was nothing special, but when he saw the glistening eyes of Jiang Yingyue, he could not help but find the meal even more fragrant than usual. 

While Han Qingshan was drinking red wine with the dish, Jiang Yingyue only drank tea. She refused to touch alcohol, as she knew that one would let go of their worries and might reveal important secrets when one got drunk. 

Han Qingshan did not push her to try the wine either, he just ordered her a pot of tea, and together they started digging into the meal. 

None of them spoke while eating, Jiang Yingyue was filled with bliss. It was as if the food melted on her tongue, making her experience an explosion of flavors in her mouth. It was without a doubt the best meal she had in her entire life, and she was savoring it. 

Han Qingshan was glancing at Jiang Yingyue while eating the food. Her eyes were locked onto the dishes, and it was clear that she was considering what to eat next. 

There were simply too many dishes to pick one out from the others; all of them were so delicious. It was so clear that she was wondering whether or not she could sample all the dishes before she would be full. 

Chuckling, Han Qingshan took his chopsticks and picked up some dumplings with seafood filling, and placed them in her bowl.

“These are the specialty here and they are very good. Even if you cannot try everything, you should at least taste them.” he said, while smiling warmly at Jiang Yingyue, as he continued to eat from a few of his favorite dishes. 

The waiter entered with another tray full of dishes, and what met him was a scene that shocked him to the core. He had served the young master for a long time and knew him well. Young Master Shan was always polite towards others, but he had never seen him being so friendly, not to even mention using his own chopsticks to pick up food for someone else.

Those were the chopsticks he had eaten with! And the young man who was receiving the food did nothing else than smile at Young Master Shan, displaying his cute canines and clearly thinking nothing inappropriate!

More than ever before, this waiter was curious about the identity of Jiang Yingyue, but he understood his position; he was not going to question anything.

As time went by, the meal was finished, but more than half of the table was still filled with food. Jiang Yingyue looked longingly at the dishes, feeling it was such a waste not eating them, but she could not stuff even a single dumpling down her stomach anymore. It was so filled that she felt overwhelmed. 

Looking at her longing expression Han Qingshan could not help but laugh out loud; his entire chest was rumbling with happiness. Having a friend was indeed a great experience. It felt so much better than having those pretentious people surrounding him, who just wanted to benefit from his family. 

“Enough, you can’t eat more, I will have the rest packed up, and you can bring it home and share it with your parents,” he said. Normally he would never bring food home with him. What was not eaten would be thrown away, but he could sense that Jiang Yingyue was quite adamant about not wasting food. 

Since it made her happy, why not allow her to take it home? Jiang Yingyue was also touched when she heard that she could bring the food home, and her face lit up in a great smile.

“My parents are both working double shifts today, they will not come home before the morning, but if I have something good ready for them when they come home, they will be happy.”

“You are going to be alone all day?” Han Qingshan asked surprised, and Jiang Yingyue just absentmindedly nodded her head, as she gestured for the waiter, whom they had summoned, to start packing down the rest of the food. 

It was not before the waiter had finished, that she returned her focus to Han Qingshan, “It is normal,” she said, with a smile on her face. “My parents are taking double shifts whenever they can. I am used to it, and so are they.”

Han Qingshan nodded his head. He too had parents that worked long hours, so he was used to having his family never at home. He also had quite a few responsibilities which he took care of, so there was nothing wrong with working a lot, but having someone waiting at home for them to return with something delicious was new to him. He had never experienced that before, and he could imagine that Jiang Yingyue grew up in a warm family. 

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