MLoYM Chapter 24 – Young Master is Smug

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Han Qingshang stood up and picked up his windbreaker before he gestured for Jiang Yingyue to follow him. Picking up the two bags filled with food, Jiang Yingyue hurriedly followed behind him. 

She was somewhat apprehensive about going to see Han Qingshan’s father at the office, but she understood that it was just a stop on the way towards the horse paddock. 

They reached the basement parking lot, and the car was delivered right next to them. Han Qingshan stepped inside, quickly followed by Jiang Yingyue. 

The car drove out of the basement and into the busy streets. The car was extremely conspicuous; its sleek design looked extravagant while driving on the roads surrounded by all the other cars. 

At first, Jiang Yingyue had felt uncomfortable sitting in this car, but now things have changed. She was pretty used to the luxurious leather seats, and the wooden instrument board. One could only say that she was adapting quite quickly to the situation. 

The Han Corporation’s office was located deep in the center of the city, in one of the most upscale areas for businesses, and the building stood towering far above the rest of the surrounding buildings. 

It was a western style building, a big skyscraper, and every floor had floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the employees to overlook the entire city as they pleased while they were working. 

Although they were already in the downtown area for eating, the traffic was horrid, and it took them a full three-quarters of an hour to reach the office from the restaurant. 

When they arrived, they once more drove into a parking lot underneath the building. The basement was already filled with cars everywhere, and there were no parking assistants, but just as Jiang Yingyue thought that they wouldn’t be able to find a place to park, they arrived at the second closest position to the elevator, and here she saw an empty parking space. 

There was a sign next to it with a name on it, and when she looked closer, she could only shake her head. How could she have been worried about finding a parking spot? In bold letters, on the wall, right above the empty spot was a sign with the characters for ‘Han Qingshan’.

Han Qingshan sensed the differences in Jiang Yingyue’s behavior and chuckled slightly. Every time he managed to surprise the younger person he would feel accomplished, and right now he was also slightly proud of his status. 

Seeing his smug face, Jiang Yingyue snorted, but she could not conceal her smile. It was nice to have a friend. 

Together they got down from the car and went to the elevator. There was a whole row of elevators, but Han Qingshan went for the one closest to the car, and pressed a button, calling it down to the parking basement. 

This elevator seemed slightly different from the others, having a different color scheme, and it was clearly less used. Looking curiously at why this one was so special, Jiang Yingyue glanced at Han Qingshan. Could it be an exclusive elevator? 

The elevator arrived with a ding, and Han Qingshan went in, quickly followed by Jiang Yingyue. 

She saw that Han Qingshan pressed the button for the top floor, and then leaned against the wall, looking at her with interested eyes. 

It was true that since they had arrived at the Han Corporation, she had looked at everything with big wide eyes and had been full of wonder and surprise. 

She had never been to such a place before, so it was natural for her to want to see everything and get an impression of this place that was at the top of the country. 

“Is it that interesting?” Han Qingshan could not help but ask when he saw how she was looking around, inspecting even the elevator, as if it was made from the most wondrous of materials, but Jiang Yingyue did not mind that he was amused because of her and she nodded her head. 

“This is a place I would never have gone to were it not for you,” she said happily as the elevator continued going upwards. 

Hearing that someone found an office novel and interesting, Han Qingshan could not help but feel rather amused, but he just shook his head and chuckled slightly. 

As they reached the top floor, Han Qingshan stepped out as usual, but he did not walk far as he ensured that Jiang Fengmian was always within a meters distance, so that he would not get lost. 

“Welcome, Young Master Shan,” one of the secretaries said. This entire floor was Han Qingshan’s father’s office. The outside was filled with secretaries and their desks, while his head secretary was located right next to the doors leading into his inner office. 

The secretaries all greeted Han Qingshan as he walked past, their eyes looking inquiringly at Jiang Yingyue. 

The Han Corporation was the cream of the crop within the country and even ranked as one of the biggest companies in the world, and to be hired by this corporation one needed amazing skills and a clean background. 

They had been in the company for a long time, working in other departments to display their ability before they managed to become secretaries in CEO Han’s office, thus they were very familiar with Han Qingshan and the rest of the Han family. 

They were aware that Han Qingshan seemed friendly on the surface but was in fact very hard to get close to. It was also well known that he would only work with things that would bring benefits to him or to his family. So they could not help but wonder, who was this young woman who seemed rather plain, but was capable enough to be able to walk so close to the heir of the Han Corporation?

All of these secretaries had to mind their appearance; their image was also the image of the company, and thus they were familiar with the various brand names. From their viewpoint, it was clear that the clothes this girl was wearing were quite common, and were quite popular brands used by the middle class or the more average households.

She seemed rather young, must have just come of age, and she was also rather short when standing next to Han Qingshan. But he had an aura that was not diminished at all when compared to the young master; in fact, they seemed to compliment one another as they walked in together, side by side. 

The secretaries were very curious about this young woman. Who was she? Where did she come from? How had she gotten to know Han Qingshan? 

They could quickly remove the thought of her being a client, as they saw her looking incredibly cute as she was observing everything around her with wide open eyes. It seemed that she had never been inside a company like this before, so the likelihood of her having something to do with business was rather small. 

Then finally, they could not help but wonder, was this a friend? But Young Master Shan had never before brought friends to the company, neither had he introduced them to his father, so what was so special about this girl? 

In this country, there were parallel societies. Although they all lived in the same country, it felt different depending on whether you were a commoner, or from a royal and noble family. 

In these two groups, there were obviously various other layers as well. In the noble families, they were split into circles, depending on the heritage of the family, their wealth, and the range of their influence. 

Han Qingshan was at the very top of society, no one could climb over the heads of the Han family, and his circle only consisted of the richest and most influential families in the country. 

Beneath them were another three circles of influential families, and the further down the hierarchy one came, the more families were in those circles. 

At the same time, it was a relatively similar situation for the commoners. There were rich commoners, middle-class commoners, and poor commoners. 

Jiang Yingyue was between the poor and the middle class. Although her family had no money to spare, they could afford their mortgage and meals every day, alongside proper clothes to wear. 

But there was still a huge gap between Han Qingshan and Jiang Yingyue’s social status. In fact, they should not have had anything to do with one another, but fate had brought them together. 

Thinking about this, Han Qingshan glanced at Jiang Yingyue and could not help but smile. There was a world of differences between this young woman, who was so honest towards him, and the young woman who had raised all her hackles whenever she saw him. Han Qingshan was very pleased that he had managed to befriend this person and turn her opinion around.

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