MLoYM Chapter 43 – Jiang Yingyue is Bashful

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Jiang Yingyue went home with Han Qingshan. Although she was not too keen on doing so, she felt that it was indeed better to be with her friend, rather than being home alone. 

When they arrived at the condo, Han Qingshan parked the car in the underground parking lot and used his keycard to open the elevator. 

He wanted to help Jiang Yingyue by supporting her, but he soon found that she refused even the slightest touch. 

“We’ll be there soon,” Han Qingshan said worriedly, wondering why he had been convinced to not help Jiang Yingyue back to the hospital. It was obvious that this person was not suitable to be discharged; what had the hospital been thinking when they let her go? 

“Do you have any bandages?” Jiang Yingyue asked through gritted teeth. When she looked down at her newly bought clothes, she could see that her moving around had caused the wound to open up and bleed again. 

Following Jiang Yingyue’s line of sight, Han Qingshan’s eyes turned solemn, and he felt furious at heart. Why was this kid so stubborn? She was seriously injured but still refused the hospital’s help. Was it because she did not have the money to pay for it? 

Feeling like this, he was about to say that he could pay the hospitalization fee, but when he saw the stubborn expression on Jiang Yingyue’s face, he swallowed back the words before they could escape his lips. 

“I have some,” he said, and went to find his first aid kit. When he returned, he saw that Jiang Yingyue was even paler than before. Although she was usually handsome, now that she was so pale she looked like a carved jade figurine, her beauty ethereal. 

“Do you have some cheap clothes I can borrow?” Jiang Yingyue continued to ask, and Han Qingshan went to find some casual wear. He picked a pair of pants and a shirt. 

“Thank you,” Jiang Yingyue replied gratefully, then started looking for the bathroom to tend to her wounds and change her clothes. 

“I will get some painkillers ready for you,” Han Qingshan said, seeing the adorable little face scrunched up in pain. He felt his own heart was hurting whenever he looked at it. 

Jiang Yingyue nodded her head and went to the bathroom. She gently peeled her clothes off and saw that the bandage on her body had been soaked in blood, and she slowly removed it. 

Every single movement was painful, so she was grateful for Han Qingshan’s consideration. 

She finally managed to shed off all the old bandages and took the new ones, which she wrapped around her wound. Now both her chest and her waist were bundled up; she could not help but chuckle as she looked at her completely bandaged upper body. She resembled a mummy. 

That slight chuckle made her wince in pain, and she shook her head resignedly before she looked at the clothes that Han Qingshan had given her. 

Although she was tall for a woman, she was still rather short compared to Han Qingshan. The clothes were also too big for her, but she could not dress in her bloodied clothes, so instead, she took the shirt and put it on. 

It was made from black silk; it was cool to the touch and felt so comfortable on her skin. The shirt went all the way to her knees, and the arms were also far too long, so she decided to wrap up the sleeves so that they reached her elbows. 

Under the shirt, she wanted to wear a pair of pants, but they were simply far too big. Although she had the hips to keep the pants in place on top, they were so long that if she tried to take a step in them, she was likely to fall flat on her face.

She was contemplating what to do, feeling a bit unsure. She could not wear her old pants, they had blood on them too, but she could not wear his pants either, and she could definitely not go out without any pants on. 

Just as she was deep in thought, she heard the door to the bathroom open, and Han Qingshan entered inside. 

She felt flustered and shocked when she saw him enter. The only thing she was wearing was her underwear, a mountain of bandages and a black shirt. 

Han Qingshan looked at the kid in front of him, and his eyes paused on the slim and shapely legs. 

They did not seem like the legs of a man, but right now Han Qingshan had no mind to pay attention to the nicely shaped legs of Jiang Yingyue. Instead, he passed over a glass of water alongside a pill.

“This is a strong painkiller,” he said, as he gave it to Jiang Yingyue, “It might make you very sleepy afterward, so I have prepared a guest room for you. Take it and go get some rest. When you wake up, I will have some food ready for you.”

Jiang Yingyue noticed that Han Qingshan kept staring at her legs as he spoke, but he said nothing about them in the end. So she just nodded her head, accepted the pill, swallowed it alongside some water, and quickly left the bathroom. 

Han Qingshan saw that Jiang Yingyue’s face, which previously had been as pale as the snow was now crimson, her expression bashful. 

As to why she was suddenly so embarrassed, Han Qingshan did not know, but the appearance was rather cute, so he chuckled and rushed after his friend. 

“The room is over here,” he said, and went towards a room not too far from the bathroom. 

Jiang Yingyue followed him and entered the bedroom. The curtains were pulled close, so it was very dim. There was a bed in the middle with black bed sheets, giving her a very comfortable feeling as she headed towards it. 

She was exhausted, so without even caring for Han Qingshan, she laid down on the bed, found the blanket and covered her body. The painkillers were slowly starting to take effect, and she was starting to feel exhausted. 

“Thank you,” she mumbled with a low voice, while slowly falling into a deep slumber. 

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