MLoYM Chapter 44 – Young Master is Confused

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Glancing at Jiang Yingyue who had fallen asleep instantly, Han Qingshan shook his head and closed the door gently. 

Just as he had closed the door, his private phone rang, startling him, and he moved away from the room fast so that the ringtone could not awaken the sleeping beauty within the room. 

When he reached the sitting room, he answered the phone call. “What is it?” He asked. His voice which previously had been warm and friendly, filled with indulgence towards Jiang Yingyue, was now completely emotionless. 

Han Qingshan listened in on the information he was given over the phone, his expression turning heavy the more he heard.

“Are you sure it is them?” he asked, but after getting the answer, he was quite certain about what had happened. “We will strike back then. Although they have allied with the Su Corporation, that does not mean that they are bound to win. We are still backed by the Han Corporation, and I am not a pushover either. Let us begin to show each other what exactly we are made of.”

Han Qingshan was about to put the phone down when he suddenly thought of something. “Jiang Fengmian was injured two days ago. I need to know what happened and who did it.”

Although he had not seen the wound itself, he observed that it was very serious. The amount of blood that had seeped through his clothes when he arrived was not little. 

After hearing a confirmation sound from the opposite end of the phone, Han Qingshan went back to his study room where papers were strewn across his table. Anyone else would be incapable of finding anything in this mess, but it was as if Han Qingshan knew exactly where every single thing was. 

When he was working a chuckle suddenly escaped his lips as he was reminded of the sudden bashful expression on Jiang Yingyue’s face earlier. 

His mind started to float around, and he once more thought of the thin and slim legs that Jiang Yingyue had. She had such fair skin, so smooth that no other could rival her. 

Her limbs were slim and subtle, definitely not masculine at all. It made him suddenly understand why she liked wearing baggy clothes to hide her underdeveloped frame. 

“I guess he did not get enough nutrition while growing up,” Han Qingshan thought, convincing himself that this was the reason behind his friend’s lack of masculinity. 

The more he thought about it, the more oddly he was feeling. The legs were so long and slender. They had been so shapely, not an ounce of excess fat anywhere. 

Han Qingshan found himself wishing that the shirt had covered less of the legs so that he would have been able to see even more, but the moment this thought flashed in his mind, he frowned. 

Why would he want to see Jiang Yingyue’s legs? He frowned at his sudden urge to go into the guest room and remove the blanket to examine his friend’s body once, and for him to see just how feminine she was. 

He suddenly felt that there was something wrong with him. Why would he suddenly be so focused on his friend’s body? Shaking his head, he forced himself to calm down and focus on the papers in front of him. 

Although he managed to calm himself with the many boring papers, he still had a lingering feeling of temptation for entering the guest room. What he wanted to do, even he did not fully understand. So, in the end, he just decided to ignored it; trying to press down the weird feeling of restlessness and dryness he was feeling. 

Jiang Yingyue had a calm and deep sleep. She did not move in her sleep, and her tensed up body slowly started to relax as the pain was getting less and less. 

One had to admit that the painkillers that Han Qingshan had managed to get his hands on were quite effective. When she woke up, the previously dim room was now completely dark. 

On a chair next to the bed were the clothes she had been wearing before, but the bloodstains had been cleaned off. 

Jiang Yingyue felt grateful towards Han Qingshan for having helped her so much. Just as she was finished dressing in the clothes, she felt her stomach growling. She had eaten nothing that day, and now she was hungry, but she was afraid of disturbing Han Qingshan. 

Leaving the room, she walked on tiptoes towards the sitting room to look for him, but he was not there. Then she went to the kitchen only to find out that he was not there either.

She dared not randomly open the doors to the other rooms, so instead, she returned to the sitting room, picked up her phone and sent a text message to Han Qingshan, informing him that she had awakened and that she was in the sitting room. 

Not even a minute later, Han Qingshan appeared in the sitting room as well, looking at Jiang Yingyue with slightly worried eyes. “How are you feeling?” He asked with a bated breath, and Jiang Yingyue contemplated for some time before she answered. 

“It is not comfortable, but I am feeling much better than I did before,” she replied honestly, and Han Qingshan nodded his head. 

“You slept for seven hours,” he said after, looking at the clock. “It is already very late, will your parents worry when you do not come back home tonight?”

“They don’t know I have been discharged from the hospital yet,” Jiang Yingyue said, shrugging her shoulders, looking completely casual. “I did not tell them, I just said I would return home after a few days.”

Hearing this, Han Qingshan nodded his head. He had wondered why Jiang Yingyue’s parents would not tell him where he was, but it made sense if they had known nothing either. 

He had to keep in mind that all three of them were likely to use fake IDs, so it would be best to not keep in touch when being hospitalized. 

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