MLoYM Chapter 45 – Zhou Yan’s Anger

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“We found her,” Lin Qiang’s voice sounded in a dark room only lit up by two laptops placed on a table. 

There was a handsome man sitting in front of each laptop, one was Lin Qiang, the other was Zhou Yan. 

“Where is she?” the chillingly cold voice of Zhou Yan was heard, and Lin Qiang felt his entire body trembling when he heard it.

“She fled overseas. She received a payment of three hundred thousand yuan the day before she tried to kill Jiang Yingyue; on the same day she hit her, she escaped overseas.” 

“Which country?” Zhou Yan asked, his eyes glistening coldly in the light from the computer screen that was reflecting in his deep eyes. 

“The same country as our main base is currently located.” Lin Qiang said; a snicker could be heard in his voice. “Do you want us to kill her? We can let her experience the pain of being hit by a car herself.”

“No,” Zhou Yan was speaking slowly as he was swirling a wine glass in his hands, looking like a royal from ancient times. “Death is too simple, make her experience a life that is worse than death. If she can’t handle it and commits suicide, then so be it, but I want her to suffer.”

Once again Lin Qiang was reminded of the ruthlessness of Zhou Yan. It was as if he was turning into a devil whenever there was something that involved Jiang Yingyue. He would hold nothing back. 

“Where is she now? Did she go home?” Zhou Yan continued to ask. But this time, the ‘she’ he was referring to was Jiang Yingyue, and not the woman who had driven the car. 

“About this…” Lin Qiang was silent for some time, scratching his head, not completely sure how to continue. 

“Say it,” Zhou Yan ordered, the temperature dropped even more. Had something else happened to her on the way home from the hospital? 

“Well, she has not gone home. We had someone go past her home and check, and no one was there. Her parents claim that she has gone to visit family and will be gone for a few days. We do not know where she has gone to.”

“She just left the hospital, and she was not even ready to be discharged. Where could she possibly go if not home? Does she have any friends? What have you found out after digging up information about her?”

Lin Qiang was even more hesitant about speaking, but he knew that he had to tell him these things, so it was just a question about an early or a late death. 

“I have investigated her life quite thoroughly and found all the information I could about her. She graduated from Riluo High this year, and she was never close to anyone in high school. She was seen as the school’s Prince Charming that they all shared, so no one tried to get close to her, but…”

“But what?” Zhou Yan narrowed his eyes. “Well, she started attending Imperial University just recently. And there is quite a lot of gossip about her on the university forum.”

“Gossip such as?” 

“Well, there are those who claim she is gay.” Lin Qiang was ready to be killed after uttering that sentence, and as he had expected, Zhou Yan was furious when he heard it. 

“Gay?” He asked, his voice was no longer cold, but emotionless. His hands clenched tightly; it was clear that he was trying his best to hold something back. 

“I am not sure how or when they have gotten acquainted, but on her first day of university, she was seen leaving together with Han Qingshan in his car. The following day, she was suspended because some He Yuyan was mad at her for being too close to Han Qingshan, and he then punished her severely. He also fired the professor who had caused her to be suspended.” 

Lin Qiang sighed. “There are also rumors about Han Qingshan bringing her to the riding track, out drinking coffee and even dining.”

“If she really got help from someone, there is only Han Qingshan as a friend whom she is close to.”

Lin Qiang was silent after delivering the news. His face was slightly pale, and cold sweat started appearing on his forehead. 

“You said she is close to Han Qingshan? The young master of the Han corporation?” Zhou Yan’s voice did not sound threatening, it was quite gentle, but the tension in the air was so dense that Lin Qiang felt strangulated and had trouble answering. 

Swallowing hard, he nodded his head, he dared not even open his mouth. A resounding crack could be heard in the room as the wine glass in Zhou Yan’s hand was crushed, blood starting to ooze out of the cuts the shattered glass had made in his hands. 

Lin Qiang quickly woke up from his stupor and rushed to find a first aid kit. When he returned to the dark room, he found that Zhou Yan was sitting on the chair, looking completely casual, but a storm was brewing in his black eyes. 

“Figure out a way to know if this Han Qingshan knows about Jiang Yingyue’s gender. Also, figure out what their relationship is like. Until we have answers, make sure to put even more pressure on the Imperial World Agency. I want Han Qingshan to be so busy that he does not have time to care for Jiang Yingyue.”

Lin Qiang instantly accepted the orders given to him by his master and started making one phone call after another. 

His face turned ugly. “I just got someone to talk with the entrance guard at Han Qingshan’s condo. After giving him some benefits, he admitted that Han Qingshan brought a friend over today and that this friend has been there for more than ten hours now. It is already the middle of the night, and I doubt she will go home before tomorrow unless she plans on staying there for a few days in order to recuperate.”

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