MLoYM Chapter 46 – I want to Help Him

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“What would you like to eat?” Han Qingshan asked gently as he looked at Jiang Yingyue right in front of him. 

He just remembered that he had not eaten anything for a long time either, so he decided to order some food for them. 

“I can’t eat spicy food right now,” Jiang Yingyue grumbled unsatisfied. “So you can decide. As long as it is not spicy, I can eat anything you feel like eating.”

Han Qingshan thought about it for some time. “You can’t eat anything too greasy, neither anything too fatty. There is a new congee shop that is selling some top-grade congee; I will have someone fetch a few servings.

“You can watch some TV until it arrives,” Han Qingshan said, and Jiang Yingyue nodded her head obediently as she went to the couch and sat down. 

She found the TV remote on the table and turned on the TV. Nothing interesting was on right now, so she just found a channel which presented the news. 

She listened with little interest until they started talking about Imperial World’s loss of five A-listing celebrities. Then her eyes could not help but glance towards the open kitchen, where Han Qingshan was standing with the phone in his hand, in the middle of a phone call.

His brows were furrowed, his hand pinching the space between his eyes, and his demeanor was anything but positive. 

She began to feel slightly worried when she saw his stressed-out appearance. She had not known him for a long time, but when she usually saw him, he was a sunshine boy, always happy and smiling. Now that he seemed troubled, she felt her heart ache for him. 

Ever since meeting him, Han Qingshan had helped her time and time again without asking for anything in return. She was unsure of what exactly she was capable of doing for him since she was just a normal commoner, but she wanted to help him with his troubles. 

Thinking about what she could do, she continued to listen intently to the reports made by the news agency on TV. 

“Imperial World, which is backed by the Han Corporation, has taken the first hit to its foundations for the first time in the three years it has been established.

“These five A-lister celebrities have all gone to the competing agency, namely the Starry Sky Entertainment Agency, owned by the Su Corporation.

“We, like many others, are starting to wonder what the Su Corporation has done to entice these celebrities. Have they gone the legal way, or have underhanded deals been offered under the table? 

“It is hard to say what exactly the reason is behind the leaving A-listers, but it is obviously a great loss for Imperial World. Now they only have twelve A-listers left in their company, while the Starry Sky Entertainment Agency has gone from seven to twelve as well. 

“This makes the two companies even, but no one is sure whether or not this will be the last of the celebrities leaving Imperial World. Only time will tell who will emerge on top, and only time will announce who will become the new leader in the entertainment industry.” 

Han Qingshan was calm and collected in the kitchen as he was talking with Song Liwei on the phone. 

“Are you telling me that half of my artists are considering jumping ship?” He felt exhausted and annoyed when he heard that the numbers were suddenly becoming that large.

“I do not understand what happened either,” Song Liwei said on the other side of the phone, slightly panicking. 

“An hour ago half the artists suddenly called the office with the purpose of ending their contracts prematurely. They were even willing to pay the penalties for breaching their contracts. They just want to leave instantly.”

“It is the Zhou family’s young master that is supporting the Su Corporation,” Han Qingshan said with a sigh. “Money is not an issue for them right now, but I never thought he would suddenly behave so crazily. What could have made him lose all rationality and start an all-out war with us?”

“I am not sure, it seemed that they wanted to take it slowly at first, causing us to lose our artists as their contracts ended. But now they are throwing caution to the wind, and they are even willing to throw money out the window just to cause problems for us.” Song Liwei sighed. “Have you done anything since yesterday? Anything special that could make him suddenly see you as his true enemy rather than just an opponent?”

Han Qingshan was also feeling helpless. “I haven’t,” he said, slightly annoyed. “My friend was wounded, so I have been at home ever since I left the company.”

Both Song Liwei and Han Qingshan became silent. While the whole situation was slightly annoying, Han Qingshan was also a tiny bit excited. He never had anyone who could really fight against him in the younger generation, so this Zhou Yan was a welcome rival; as long as it was done in a friendly way. Right now, where it had turned into a war, he was not too happy. 

On the side, Jiang Yingyue was looking worriedly at Han Qingshan and wondered how she could cheer him up and help him. She was not studying business, and she was not experienced in the business world either. 

Just as she was lost in thought, while looking at Han Qingshan, the man in question turned around to look at her, wanting to see if she was behaving well. When he saw that she was looking at him, worry written all over her face, his heart suddenly trembled. 

“I will deal with it tomorrow,” Han Qingshan said, absentmindedly to Song Liwei before he ended the call in a trance. 

Just as the call ended, the phone started ringing, and he saw that it was Hei Yi who was calling. Returning to his senses, he quickly answered. “Yes?” He asked, remembering the last task he had given him. 

He had seen that Jiang Yingyue was not willing to talk about the injury she had gotten so he would not push her to answer. However, he was not willing to just leave it be, so he had asked Hei Yi to investigate the incident, and now he apparently had an answer for him.

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