MLoYM Chapter 47 – Was it because of Me?

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“I have bad news and some worse news, which one would you like to hear first?” Hei Yi’s apathetic voice sounded on the other end of the phone, but Han Qingshan was not in the mood to joke around, so he growled with a low voice, “Hei Yi!”

“Alright, alright, don’t get mad,” the man said, before he continued to explain why he had called him, and what he found out. “Your friend, Jiang Fengmian was hit by a car. It was not an accident, someone was most likely trying to kill him. 

“The car was heading straight for him, it chased after him, there were no signs of braking or trying to avoid him at all. I have a video of the whole process; I will send it to your email as soon as the phone call is over.

“Since I knew you would ask me to find the person, I already tracked her down. She fled overseas after getting a payment of three hundred thousand yuan. Also, within the last hour, she was seen getting surrounded by a group of black-clothed men, whose origins are still unknown. From what I could observe, it was clear that they had no good intentions regarding her. 

“I saw it after hacking into the surveillance cameras of that country, so it certainly was not an easy task. These black-clothed men did not even care about being found on camera, it seems that they are employed by some rather big shots. 

“That friend of yours, could he perhaps have another backer? If he doesn’t, then does his enemy have such strong backing that they could silence the witness in this way?” Hei Yi asked worriedly. Although the Han Corporation was one of the leading families in the world, they would never do such a thing in broad daylight, so those who managed to do so were not easy to deal with. 

Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue, who was still observing him with worry in her eyes, and a thought suddenly struck him.

“Could he have been targeted because of me?” He asked with a hushed voice, intentionally keeping it low so that only Hei Yi could hear him. 

“That is a possibility,” Hei Yi answered, this time his apathetic voice sounded slightly worried. 

“With everything that is going on with Imperial World right now, Zhou Yan might have made a move.”

Han Qingshan’s eyes turned cold. “Figure out who paid for the hit, and send me the video,” he ordered. He then stopped the phone call and walked into the sitting room where Jiang Yingyue was seated on the couch, looking at him as if in a daze. 

When Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue, his eyes scanned the handsome face in front of him. She was handsome, something that he was already aware of. But seeing her slightly pale and very dazed expression, he could not help but feel that she was quite adorable. 

“Am I that handsome?” He asked, with a smile on his face. He expected Jiang Yingyue to just laugh about it, but contrary to his expectations, she blushed and looked embarrassed while nodding her head.

Suddenly, he had a weird thought, could this Jiang Yingyue be gay? She had always been a Prince Charming at school, someone that all girls dreamt about, but she had never engaged in any relationships with any of them. 

At the same time, she never participated in classes where she had to work hard or to change clothes together with the rest of boys. He got all this information from the investigation carried out by Hei Yi. Jiang Yingyue was clearly bad at contacting other men. 

When Jiang Yingyue noticed the smile of Han Qingshan, she felt her face heating up, and a blush that she could not control appeared on her cheeks. 

Although she was embarrassed, after thinking it through, she did not mind it too much. She had planned on pretending to be gay anyway so that Han Qingshan would keep a certain distance from her, but she was also worried about how he would take it. 

Looking at him right now, she saw that he had a smile on his face, but his eyes were narrowing while he was observing her expressions as if trying to see through her secrets. 

Shaking his head, Han Qingshan decided not to ask. Even if he was gay, it was Jiang Yingyue’s choice in life. Although many looked down on gay people, he could not find it in his heart to hate her for this reason. 

Just as Jiang Yingyue was about to speak, the doorbell rang, and Han Qingshan went out to retrieve the food that he had ordered. 

Once again, Han Qingshan had ordered a large number of dishes. Way too many for them to be able to finish eating in only one sitting, but it did not seem as if Han Qingshan really minded. 

“You are wasting a lot of money buying this much food,” Jiang Yingyue scolded him caringly. Although he had far too much money, there was no need to throw it out the window, not to mention being careful about the food waste. 

“You can eat the rest tomorrow when I go to work,” Han Qingshan said carelessly. “Congee is the best dish for when you are sick. Also, in order to ensure that you will not get sick of it, I ordered many different versions and flavors so you can eat something different during each part of the day.”

“You want me to stay here tomorrow?” Jiang Yingyue asked, she was surprised when she heard this. Was it not only for tonight? Was she not going home the following day? 

“Call your parents and tell them you will stay at my place for a few days until you are feeling better. I dare not let you roam free when you are this injured. I will contact the University for a leave of absence, and get them to send your study plan. This way, you won’t get bored staying inside, and you can catch up on your studies.”

Jiang Yingyue opened her mouth to answer him, but she was somewhat unable to say anything. Han Qingshan had already made the decision, and it was impossible to change his opinion when he was this dead set on something. 

Truthfully, Han Qingshan had wanted her to stay in his house for two reasons. First of all, was because of safety reasons. If someone was truly out for her life, then she would be too vulnerable at her home. And secondly, he liked having Jiang Yingyue in his home. The condo felt much more alive with her being here. 

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