MLoYM Chapter 49 – Good Luck, Work Hard

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Jiang Yingyue nodded her head, feeling slightly pampered. This was a feeling she had not felt for many years, and a sweetness arose within her as she looked at Han Qingshan with grateful eyes. 

Seeing his friend looking at him with such trusting and grateful eyes, he almost lost himself. Unsure of what he wanted to do, he just tightened his grip on the hand that was resting on his arm. 

Finally, after a few moments, he realized what he was doing, and he retracted his hand, releasing Jiang Yingyue’s hand from the iron grip it had been in earlier. 

When she moved her hand, he could not help but feel that something left his heart; that the hand which had been cool to the touch had woken some sort of emotions in him. It was a feeling that he could not understand. 

Jiang Yingyue was embarrassed when she realized that she had actually placed her hand on his arm, and her heartbeat rose rapidly. Her face was red, and she avoided eye contact. 

“I better get some rest,” she muttered with a low voice, and rushed towards the room he had prepared for her, closing the door behind her in a hurry. 

Seeing Jiang Yingyue behave like a scared rabbit, with a red face and a bashful demeanor, he could not help but chuckle. He felt that he had been given renewed energy, and he moved down the hallway towards his study room. 

When he walked past the room where Jiang Yingyue was located, his steps slowed and his ears perked up, trying to catch any sound coming from it; but all he could hear was the rustling of covers. It appeared that she was really going to sleep as she had said she would.

Shaking his head at his own odd behavior, Han Qingshan buried himself in work the rest of the night while Jiang Yingyue was getting even more rest, which helped to heal her wound. 

When she woke up the following day, she found that the condo was already empty, Han Qingshan had left for work and left a few notes on the table for her. 

The first note contained the phone numbers of two bodyguards who were stationed outside his condo, ready to do anything at her bidding. 

The second note was an apology for not waking her up. Knowing that she was injured, Han Qingshan decided to let her sleep for as long as she could as it would help her heal faster. 

And the last note was a reminder for her of all the dos and don’ts when one was injured. It also contained information about where everything was located in the apartment. 

These three notes should have taken quite a long time to write, but there was no impatience to be found in the characters on the paper. They had been written with a careful and steady hand, making her heart swell with happiness as she read through them. 

There was even a last note saying that she could enter his room to find some clothes to wear and that she could wash, but she was not allowed to get the wound wet, so she had to be careful. 

She went to wash in the bathroom, after which she decided to wear the same clothes again. It would only be until Han Qingshan returned home that evening with the rest of the clothes that she would have to wear them. 

She had still not forgotten the complete disaster the night before when she had tried wearing his clothes. The shirt was more like a dress, and the pants were far too big. 

She could avoid wearing her pants, but here it would cause complications as she remembered how Han Qingshan had stared at her legs the day before, and she could not help but feel slightly embarrassed. 

Although she lived life as a man, she was a woman through and through. Having a man looking at one’s legs like that, any woman who was as innocent as her would find it embarrassing. 

After washing up, she went to the kitchen and opened the fridge which was stocked with mineral water, leftovers from the day before, fruit, and vegetables. 

She picked one of the dishes from the meal last night and started heating it up. After it was done, she grabbed the food, together with a bottle of mineral water, and sat down on the couch with the coffee table in front of her. 

She turned on the TV and watched the news, hoping that a reversal had appeared in the situation with Imperial World. Unfortunately, what she found was that half of the B and C-listing celebrities were also leaving the company, rushing to join the Starry Sky Entertainment Agency. 

Feeling worried, Jiang Yingyue took out her phone and sent a text message to Han Qingshan. 

“Good luck, I believe in you!” Was all she wrote, but she felt that she had to at least do something to lighten his mood. Watching the people that he had poured time and effort into grooming betraying him like this, he could not be feeling happy at all. 

Jiang Yingyue was depressed when she saw the news, and she quickly changed the channel to a historical period drama. 

Suddenly, she heard the door lock click as it was getting unlocked, and as she jumped up and was about to go greet Han Qingshan, she was met by the unfamiliar face of another person instead. 

The other person was a woman, she seemed to be around twenty years old, a bit older than Jiang Yingyue, but just a tiny bit younger than Han Qingshan. 

When facing each other, both women were stunned. Their expressions displayed utter disbelief and confusion. 

Jiang Yingyue could not help but wonder who this beautiful woman was. There were supposedly bodyguards standing guard outside the door, but they had let her in; not to mention that she even had the key to open the door herself. 

Somehow a sour feeling appeared in her heart, but before she had time to consider it, the woman went forward and started looking at Jiang Yingyue with critical eyes. 

She went around her twice, looking her up and down a few times, and then snorted. 

“So you are that Jiang Fengmian I have heard so much about?” She asked, with a voice thick with disdain. 

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