MLoYM Chapter 5 – Imperial University

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“The person who you asked me to investigate was rather interesting,” the cold voice said. 

“Name is Jiang Fengmian, just turned eighteen. A former student of Riluo High who graduated this year. According to his papers, he is going to apply for psychology at Imperial University, so you might see him there.

“He is from a poor background, lives together with his mother, Xun Huiyin, and his father, Jiang Wei. Both of them have low-paying jobs, just enough to scrape by.

“The reason that Jiang Fengmian has been able to study at Riluo High, taking into consideration his family’s status, is because of the scholarship he was receiving. He was the best in the entire year and has been so ever since he began studying there.

“He was known as the school prince, someone that all the girls adored and idolized, while the boys pretty much ignored his existence.

“Although he even had a fanbase at their school, no one actually got close to this boy, and it seems that he prefers sticking to himself and not making any friends.

“But I think I know the reason for that.” The voice suddenly revealed some interest and continued, “The family moved here when he was nine years old. As to where they came from, no one knows. The identity that Jiang Fengmian is using is likely fake. There is no information about him from before he was nine years old.”

“Fake identity?” Han Qingshan raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You can’t find out where they came from, or what the reason for this fake identity is?” he asked, slightly surprised. 

One has to know that the man he was calling had access to all sorts of information channels; if even he could not find it, then it was hidden very deeply. 

“I don’t know, all my trails went cold,” the cold voice said, a minute hint of interest in its tone. 

“Well, make sure he gets the scholarship and enters Imperial University,” Han Qingshan said after some contemplation. He felt that, although he now had a name and some basic information, his curiosity in this young mystery man had become much greater. Just who would need a fake ID when they were a normal, law-abiding citizen? 

Deep in thought, Han Qingshan returned to the horse paddock. He could not understand why he was so curious about this young woman, but he felt a great interest towards her. He passed it off as him being different from all the others he had met before, and he wanted to understand how such a person viewed the world around them. 

Han Qingshan was smiling slightly as he thought about how he would be able to run into that young woman at the university in the future. And although this young woman had declined his compensation, he would still help her behind the scenes. 

Like this, the days went by. Han Qingshan continued to live a life filled with luxury and lavishness while Jiang Yingyue was still thrifty and kept studying. 

She took the university entrance exam, and once again her scores were so high that she left the rest of the students in the dust. Although the university higher ups had been tasked with handing her a scholarship, none of them felt that it was wrongly given out. All of them were quite eager to have this brilliant student be enrolled in their school. 

And thus the first day of university began. Jiang Yingyue had been accepted to the faculty of psychology, and she was both happy and excited to begin studying there. 

As she appeared at the university entrance, a lot of people were looking at her; many of the other students from Riluo High had also decided to go to Imperial University. 

Because of this, a lot of the girls were excited when they saw Jiang Yingyue and started rushing towards her to take pictures together or just to converse with her.

Many of the sophomores and seniors also noticed this young woman with an incredibly handsome appearance, and they felt curious about who she might be. Especially the girls were wild with excitement, while the guys felt threatened even further. 

“To think that a Prince Charming has appeared at the university; do you think he is rich too? We already have Young Master Shan and his friends. If there is another young master attending school, we will have an even bigger chance of marrying rich,” a sophomore girl said as she looked at Jiang Yingyue like a tiger looks at its prey. 

Jiang Yingyue could feel the attention that was being showered onto her, and she was quite happy. As long as she had the status of a school prince, no one would want to get too close to her, and thus she should be safe. 

Although she felt lonely sometimes, she had to acknowledge that it would be impossible for her to be close to anyone with her secret, so she couldn’t make any good friends. Being close to someone was the same as risking the exposure of her secret, and this was something she could never allow to happen. 

Jiang Yingyue went to her new classroom, making sure to flash smile after smile at the cute girls, even stopping from time to time to flirt with them. 

It was not before the bell rang that she had finally reached the room where her course would be introduced. Here, she found a seat at the back and looked at the people in her class. Two of them she recognized from Riluo High, while the rest were new faces. 

Many of them were looking at Jiang Yingyue with curiosity. She was simply standing out from the crowd too much. She was incredibly handsome, and she also seemed so casual and elegant, as if she had no nervousness about starting university. Her entire demeanor was so dazzling that even the boys were stunned.

Soon, the professor appeared, and he started the first class with an introduction to the course they had picked, including the optional ones, and the rules of the university. 

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